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As a great…

Posted on: November 30, 2010

…kickoff to the Christmas season the kids decorated wreaths for their bedroom doors.  It was fun, simple & well, fun.  Even the Prince did it & seemed to be happy doing it.

Three guesses as to who did what.  The pink & purple door as a clue?  Well, I’ll let you think about it.

These really were sooo simple.  I bought the wreaths & doodads when they were on sale @ the not so local craft stores.  (I did have to travel about 1hr & 45min to reach these so called local stores!)  After we got the goodies home, I plugged in my old trusty glue gun, cut the doodads off the floral stems & let the kids arrange to their hearts content.  Then they carefully gave me their creations & I glued everything on.  Simple & somewhat inexpensive (everything was 40 to 50% off) & yet this is something my kids can hang up from year to year.  Plus I have enough leftovers from other projects of mine that if something falls off & gets lost we can replace it!

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah!


10 Responses to "As a great…"

These came out great! What a fun craft idea!

It was pretty fun & it really shows both kids individuality & creativity.

Good for you! I am so not talented. Mine would probably look like a big circle of poo.

I find that very hard to believe especially after reading your blog. You are extremely creative!

I really like your new background. Pretty cool I must say!!! Fits your season out yonder as you are. Hee Heee.

I think both of them did a great job and it does show their different likes! Please tell them Grandma really like them. Look at the talent you have in your family and it is just starting to grow. Great idea!

Love you all,

I love it too! It is pretty appropriate, eh?

I’ll let the kids know you like them. They’ll be pretty proud!

Hi Sue..I am loving those wreaths girl. very pretty. You have some talent. I am not at all creative and wouldn’t have even thought to put those on the bedroom doors. I love it.

That is so sweet of you. Hey, the kids did it, not me. They came about though cause my daughter wanted something on her door. I just happened to be looking @ wreaths in the paper & decided that we could make them cheaper. We did!

My house is a very open floor plan so if I decorate one thing I kind of need to do it all. I actually hate it & would much prefer a more traditional floor plan. *shrug*

Those are very festive wreaths and I also love your new background. Great job!

I’m pretty proud of myself on the new background. I had to mess w/ it a bunch but it was fun. Made me feel all creative & such! ha,ha

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