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The Prince’s last…

Posted on: November 22, 2010

… regulation game.  Now we go into tournament play.  (oh & the Prince is the one in the green shirt since he’s the goalie.  His team is the gray/black team)

This game was lots of standing around for the Prince since he plays goalie & the game was more of a back & forth but not too much around the goal type of game.  It was such an exciting & vibrant game.  We lost but hey, there’s always tournament!


7 Responses to "The Prince’s last…"

I do love watching kid’s soccer games.

I’m w/ ya! Especially as they get older & more cutthroat.

Aren’t soccer games so fun. Yeah a lot of standing sometimes but so much excitement. I know he’d rather be playing the game else where but when you’re good at something – that’s special. We’re so proud of him and his sister.

I’ve passed it & along & he said “thanks” & then kinda rolled his eyes a little. Guess the teen in him is really coming out now.

I absolutely love watching my son play soccer! My girl is going to start next week and I am very excited.

Welcome, Jen R! Running around this season has been probably the most fun this fall. Seriously. I’ve been in heaven watching my two kiddos chase the ball & learn & grow. I hope that your daughter has a wonderful time. Mine has loved it this year.

I’m so jealous, all my kids will play is stupid baseball. Ugh!

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