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Yeah, I know, I’ve fallen…

Posted on: October 29, 2010

… off the blogging wagon.  As in I haven’t been doing any lately.  But you try making cupcakes for the whole 8th grade (all 66 of them), one 3rd grade class plus the staff @ your kids k-8th grade school  & see how much time you have.  I actually called in reinforcements today just so that I could finish making the spider cupcakes today & not sometime tomorrow.  Luckily my wonderful friends came & pitched in (two are grandmas & one has the four-legged type of children so it’s not like they were doing Halloween anyway.  Remember, I live in the boondocks so no trick or treating out here).

I decided to not do the kitty litterbox cake for the Prince’s class this year although apparently several of the boys (it would be the boys wouldn’t it?!) have already requested one.  Instead I (yep, can’t even blame it on the kids) decided that I would make (sooo not the hard part) & decorate 250 cupcakes as spiders.  Have I ever mentioned before that I have wonderful ideas just not the right temperament to always implement my wonderfully, awesome ideas?  Yeah, just not me.  Although the Princess did mention just as we were starting the 200th cupcake that she loved last year’s Halloween class treat a lot.  Now you tell me?  Small washed apples plus sections of fruit roll ups that were cut into eyes & mouths appropriate to decorate apples as pumpkins & you tell me now that you liked that a lot?!  Sheesh, I could’a gotten away easy (& somewhat healthy) but, no, you let dear old mom slave away like a machine!

Sigh. See what I mean?  Yeah, I really need to work out the small details first.


exhausted but victorious cupcake decorator


8 Responses to "Yeah, I know, I’ve fallen…"

Ahh, the kitty litter cake! I did that for April Fools last year!

It will always hold a special place in my heart!

I am so happy for you that you have them all done!!!! Yeah!!!!! You do have some great neighbors! Could we move some of them up here???? I mean you never know when I’m going to need some great neighbors?? Hee, Hee, O.K. I understand your need is greater. Tell them all Hi from the Mother! And Yes, your Kids will remember what you did for them, maybe not right now but later as they grow up into parents themselves!

Love ya!!

Yeah, I know they’ll remember. They are already pretty great.

Get your own awesome neighbors! These guys are mine & it’s taken 3 1/2 yrs to get to this point. I’m NOT sharing! Well, if you want to come & visit I’ll share. See, my mom taught me to share so… totally just rambling! ha,ha

And now I want cupcakes immediately!

Me too, only I have cupcakes around. HELP!! the cupcakes are taking me away! hee,hee, ho,ho

There is no way i could have done it. However I definitely have had enough of spinach dip, ranch dip, taco dip & cheese & crackers. Totally partied out & avoiding the scale& the candy bowl!

I’m very proud of you for getting all those done AND over to the school! I know what you mean about the whole temperment thing. I’m constantly coming up with fabulous ideas that end up burying me!

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