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Posted on: October 21, 2010

… the Prince’s first bb game was awesome!  He scored 4 times & assisted numerous times, especially w/ those rebounds!  Gotta love the big guys.  The final score was 35 – 27.  Go PINTOS!   & guess what we found last night when we stopped by Big 5?  Size 14 (FOURTEEN) men’s bb shoes.  They even told us that once they had a size 20 in the store & that they routinely carry larger bb shoes.  The funny thing about that is that we’ve looked for shoes there before & they told us that they didn’t carry anything larger than a 12 or 13.  Oh, well, @ least we found some bb shoes & on sale!

But that isn’t all we’ve done tonight.  The Princess had a makeup soccer game.  Usually our sidelines look like we’re all @ the beach because of the beach umbrellas.  Tonight it was all about the coats, gloves & hats!  Now guess the temp.  Would you believe it was 64 (it did get down to 62)?  I was freezing too!  Back to the game.  Her game was a tie (the other team had a really good goalie!) Right after that we left & took the Prince to a ym/yw activity.

I’m truly loving taking the kids & cheering them on in their various endeavors.  I’ve always said that I love the baby/toddler stage the best but this is awesome!  Now if I can only quit panicking about not getting uniforms washed on time!


6 Responses to "This just in…"

You are a rockin’ sports mom! And size 20? What does that even look like?

Size 20 is stinkin scary! One of the soccer dads on the Princess’s team had a pix of two of his kids holding a size 19 & I swear the shoe was darn near as big as the boys! (ages 8 & 6) Pretty darn freaky considering on Hubby’s family they’re all freakin giants!

Glad you are enjoying their games! 🙂

Yeah, it’s a good thing too, otherwise I’d be a basket case!

Dirty uniforms are respected as a veteran. 😉

There ya go. Ya said it in a nutshell, NY!

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