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Posted on: October 19, 2010

…(Hubby & I) went to a funeral for a dear friend’s step dad.  We didn’t really know him but felt the need to support our friends.  The service was okay (both of us felt that the decedent should have actually been mentioned more in the service but hey, wasn’t our funeral) but that’s not actually what touched me so much.  After the service we went to the cemetery for the graveside services.

Let me cut in here to explain that this particular gentleman was 86 yrs old & was apparently very much loved by those who knew him well.  (always a plus in my book!)  Because he was 86 he’d served in the military.  As a matter of fact he served @ the end of World War II (yeah, he was one of those kids who joined up by lying about their age) which meant that he was awarded a military burial.

While Hubby was in the AF one of the highlights for me was going to the dining outs/ins, balls etc.  Cause believe me when I tell you that the military is nothing if not fancy & into ceremony.  It is amazing to be @ some of the ceremonies the military holds.  Hubby & I were once invited to a Chief’s dinning in (I think that’s what it was).  Talk  about being amazed about the reverence for our flag & our country.  Truly it’s not something I can explain except that when you see things in the movies about military protocol?  Trust me that it’s so much more than you can imagine.  The feelings in the room are strong & pure.  It’s … Wow!

Okay, so back to the graveside service.  Sitting there while the young men went through their ceremony for taking the flag off the casket & then holding it up so that all could see while Taps was played.  Then watching as they folded the flag.  The precision & honor afforded to some scraps of material that had been sewn together to form this beautiful flag.  The honor that they then showed to the widow as they presented the flag to her. So very moving & beautiful.  And yes, I did cry.

File:Flag of the United States.svg

(flag photo courtesy of wikipedia)

I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America & I thank all of the vets (especially Hubby & my friend’s dad) & others who have served our country honorably & lovingly.


4 Responses to "Today we…"

When I worked up at the base, I felt the same way. There was a special feeling and reverence that was easy to identify with. Then when I went on to work for Senator Bennett I so enjoyed going to the different occasions. I always felt so at home. I was raised with this reverence for country and fellow person. One you don’t see too much now, I guess what I’m saying I do miss that from when I was working.

How is the family doing? Isn’t Tom’s Dad not doing to well either?

We’re all okay. No, Butch isn’t doing too well. This was Cindy’s stepfather who passed. I almost think that Butch is giving up. This really shook him up.

That’s rough. I think living in a country that isn’t your own can really reinforce your own patriotism. I remember when I came back from Portugal and the plane landed it was like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders; I was so relieved and happy to be back home!

Yep, I remember coming back to the USA & being so thrilled. England & Germany are beautiful & wonderful but nothing says home like home.

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