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Posted on: September 30, 2010

… tapped out.  I have tons of ideas but then when I get near the computer or pen/paper the ideas completely dry up.  I’m still half in lust (yes, mom, I know that’s not a very nice thing to say but…) w/ Jeffrey Donovan

Still of Jeffrey Donovan in Burn  Notice

(photo from imbd web site)

from Burn Notice & yes, I still follow the show & him on twitter (which still makes me laugh that I do that!)  My family teases me pretty horribly @ times (especially Hubby) but since it’s all in good fun who cares, eh?

Not sure about this new tv season.  Tried to watch the pilot for Lone Star & wasn’t terribly surprised to hear that it was canceled after 2 episodes.  I am loving the new Hawaii 5-o.  Love, love, love it!  Also liking Nikita although I find myself making comparisons to the the Canadian version that was on about 10 yrs ago.  Things I like better than & now.  That kind of thing.  OH & Blue Bloods.  C’mon, it has TOM SELLECK

Still of Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods

(photo from the imbd web site)

in it!  Who doesn’t love Tom & his mustache?  I mean Magnum PI

"Magnum PI" Larry  Manetti,Tom Selleck

(photo from the imbd web site)

is back!  Not really but still, I really would love this show just because.

Well, guess I did find something to write about.  Coming soon though.  What Arizona “grass” does to your skin!


4 Responses to "I’m…"

I’m shocked!! Yeah right! I knew you thought you was something else. Hang in there he’ll be back in a few short weeks!

*giggle* I didn’t keep it hidden @ all, did I? Did you know that there’s a countdown someone has started on the fan site? Totally cracks me up!

I didn’t know that Lonestar was cancelled. it had kind of a slow start but I thought it might be good once it got going. I still have to watch Blue Bloods. Fortunately we Comcast on Demand so we can watch back to back episodes. Have you watched The Chase? It is good, plus my Aunt works in the costume department:) I still have to catch up on Burn Notice. For whatever reason, I burned out this season.

I have the Chase tivo’d but of course I haven’t watched it yet. My dad says it’s pretty good too. That’s pretty excited that your Aunt works on a show.

I had so-so hopes for Lonestar. I loved that Christian Slater show called My Own Worst Enemy (& I liked the forgotten too) but it was similar in a way to Lonestar so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t make it. Sigh… why do some of the good ones have to go?! ha,ha!

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