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Just because…

Posted on: September 28, 2010

… I’ve left y’all hanging, I finally wrestled (almost literally) the camera from HUBBY (not the Princess surprisingly) & here are a couple of photos for y’all.

Meet Ashlynn (I think I spelled her name right) Mary (after my Dad’s mom) & Grandpa (or my dad!)

Big brother contemplating his car.

Sweet baby sleeping!

Aren’t they adorable?  I really had so much fun up there & wish I could go back Right Now!  Seriously.  Being Cooper’s “buddy” was a blast & holding the baby & visiting w/ my sister & parents was wonderful.  It kinda made me think about how much fun it will be when I’m a Grandma (but not for MANY, MANY years!).

And I know that I’m seriously neglecting all of you & my blog.  I really don’t mean to.  I’m trying so hard to keep busy (loosing weight here, people) & running after my kids that sometimes I’m amazed @ how much I’m doing.  I’m loving it.  I just wish that I could do everything.  I’m working @ being better organized too.

Oh & Hubby not only made it home on time he was home just before 4pm!  I almost grabbed the thermometer to check his temp but decided against it.  We had a great time @ dinner although the food was pretty lousy.  I told Hubby we need to do it again next month but that we get to pick the place!


10 Responses to "Just because…"

She is a cutie! Adam’s niece is named Ashlyn, one “N.” I found this out after getting her a gift with her name on it, and mispelled it. That was awesome.

Oooooh, that is a bad one. Made me wince (& then kinda laugh – sorry), that one did. If it helps, no one spells my kids names right. Common names, unusual spellings. Even the abbreviation is misspelled. Everyone wants to put a “c” in it only there’s no “c” in the original. Makes me scratch my head a bit.

I totally misspelled Ashlinn’s name too. It’s w/ a “i” instead of a “y”. I thought it was spelled similar to her momma’s middle name which is “Lynn”.

She is just beautiful!

Thanks! We think she’s pretty special!

Apparently her mom’s middle name is “Linn” which is why they spelled Ashlinn the way they did. Yeah, I had no idea either. Sure glad your hubby made it home on time!

Really? I could’ve sworn it was w/ a “y”. Does this mean that your middle name is spelled differently than I thought too? Pretty sure I know how sis #1 is spelled & also pretty sure that mom & dad didn’t spell sis #3 different either. Hummm. Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy anything (or make anything) w/ her name on it!

She’s beautiful!

Yep, we think she’s quite the keeper! Oh & she would snuggle w/ me when I held her. I loooove snuggly babies.

I always thought it was with a “y” too. My name is just as you remember, I’m sure.

I keep trying to think of other ways to spell your middle name but haven’t come up w/ any. Do you think there are any?

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