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@ least he has a job…

Posted on: September 22, 2010

…right?  I mean, I shouldn’t be frustrated that Hubby is working 12 – 14 hr days & that he’s really happy w/ his current job.  I also shouldn’t mind him having to work two full (11 hr days) Sundays.  He does have a job that supports us in such a way as to allow me to be a homemaker.  But, gosh darn it, I miss him!

Maybe I should go slice some cheese to go w/ this whine!


6 Responses to "@ least he has a job…"

Screw my husband’s job and his boss, it’s so wrong to send a new father away when his wife is (probably) clinically unstable. I think it’s time we started playing the lottery so he can stay home forever.

Amen, sister! Down w/ bosses who think sending a husband away before the wife is even cleared for lifting more than the baby! Clearly these people have no idea. None. Nadda. Zip!

It is very true, but sometimes it’s hard to see how good you have it – there is good and bad to every situation, huh?

The sad thing is that he hasn’t had to work such long hours since he retired from the AF. The most important thing (i keep telling myself this) is that he’s content. NO more grumpy hubby.

Yeah, but. A lotto win would be fantastic.

Oooooh, I can totally see why we’re sisters! Too bad I never think of playing the loto, eh?

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