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It’s 11pm…

Posted on: September 18, 2010

… and my son is spending the night @ the home of a friend from school.  Hubby & I semi argued (don’t ya just hate those little piddling nothing spats that really aren’t about anything more than that you’re tired or something? – me too), I swam twice today & even got up 5:54 this morning to walk a mile.  I think I’m crazy.

I’ve lost my camera w/ my sweet baby niece’s pix & I’m wondering if my darling daughter didn’t kype it just so that she could look @ the photos over & over.  (I’m thinking she REALLY wants a baby sister but after Hubby’s vasectomy – it ain’t happening!)

Tomorrow is another round of soccer games & just to make things interesting, the Prince has team pix 1 hour & 40 minutes before his game.  This means that we can’t go home between games.  Just not effective enough since he has to be back @ the field 30 min before his games starts.  Oh & while playing basketball @ school he jammed his right hand which means that he’s not going to be goalie for @ least a week.  AND basketball starts @ school & he’s on the varsity team.

Luckily for me, the Princess just has soccer 4 times a week.  Maybe it is good that we live in the boondocks.  Imagine how stressed I’d be if we lived somewhere that had lots of different activities going on all @ once.  Sheesh!


6 Responses to "It’s 11pm…"

I read how busy you guys are and sometimes I miss that time here. It’s so fun to be involved in our childrens’ lives and they love it too. To know that you guys make the effort to take them and stay to watch, bring treats, drinks etc. It may not seem like it but it’s darn important to them. I wish we were closer. I say that but have only gotten to one of Chloe and Graeme’s games. I love being able to go though.

I hear how good they both are doing which I think it great!! Yeah for the Prince and Princess! Tell them Grandma is so happy for them!

I told them yesterday after I called & told you about both of them winning their games. The Prince played goalie & boy, is he paying for it today. He can’t hardly move his hand. Hope he hasn’t done more damage. For now it’s & Aleve.

Oh and I’m so excite for you and your exercise goals. I need to get with it too. Great for you!!

Thanks, Mom. Yeah I’m totally nuts but @ the same time it does feel good!

Sorry to hear you lost your camera – no fun! And yes, I well know and loathe the spats over nothing. Some days it seems like we are just speaking a different language and until we can switch back to both speaking the same language, nothing will fix it! :OP Luckily we both recognize this when it’s happening and just acknowledge it and ride it out!

Yep, after 19 yrs of marriage we both recognize that we’re just venting. Seriously annoying though!

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