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Remeber my sister?…

Posted on: August 30, 2010

… the one who almost died after giving birth a little over a week ago?  Well I’m driving up as soon as I kick the inlaws out!  I’m so excited (& scared!) to drive up but what can I say?  I can’t take it anymore.  Funny thing.  Two years ago this past April I made a mad dash up because the same sister’s son was being born (via a teenage girl who gave him up for adoption) so I guess it makes sense that I’d run up to see this little one too.

Anyway, I’m not certain if I remember my passwords so I probably will be gone for a bit more.  I’m not even for sure how long I’ll be gone!  But!  Love to all & have a wonderful week!


14 Responses to "Remeber my sister?…"

Have a good time!

Did & done! Thanx!

Have a fantastic time!

I had an amazing time! Thanx!

I can’t wait to see you!

I just wish seeing you hadn’t been so short. Maybe you should come & see me!

Have a wonderful time. Don’t forget to take pics and share the photos with us when you return:)

I have the most wonderful pix & so many memories. sigh… I miss them!

It is so good to see you and I so much appreciate all you do. You work way to hard. I do love you and appreciate your willingness to do whatever needs to be done. Many blessings you are storing up in heaven my dear.

Love you, Mom

I loved being up there w/ y’all. Too bad I missed my family so much.

aww, have a great time and spoil those babies rotten. That’s your job ya know. And remember, lots and lots of photos..that’s also your job.

I did as much spoiling as I could. I also realized that those sweet babies could have been my GRANDBABIES! I’m certainly old enough. ha,ha

Enjoy the time with your family!

Thanx! I had a blast w/ them!

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