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I’ve been a slacker…

Posted on: August 25, 2010

…that’s pretty much all I can say.  It’s not like lots of things haven’t been happening.  School started two weeks ago & I’ve already had one kiddo home 2 days w/ a fever (didn’t feel so bad when I called the office & the two ladies @ the front both had croaky voices too – poor ladies!)

The prince has become a lizzard mommy.  Yep,  that’s what he calls himself.  He’s pretty awesome the way he croons to it & holds it.  Kid might actually be a decent father when he’s in his late 20’s.

Hubby’s class right now is kicking his butt.  Poor hubby of the black & blue butt fame.  tsk, tsk, tsk…

The princess started soccer for the first time (on a team) in 4 yrs.  It was per her request & she’s thrilled!

My in-laws are coming to visit & I’m in a dither.  Luckily they’re not moving to Utah but rather are just coming for a three day visit & then heading back to the pond that spawned them state they live in.  Anyone need a houseguest for this weekend?  I’ll have my bags packed & on the road shortly!

And finally, last but not least.  My youngest sister gave birth to her second child, a daughter last week.  She nearly died from complications (couldn’t get the blood to stop).  She’s now home from the hospital & w/ her baby (who is nursing very well), her 2 yr old who likes this interloper for now but time will tell, & her Husband who nearly died himself from all of the worry & fear.

I do promise to come back.  I have lots more to tell plus!… it’s FOOTBALL time!  YIPPEE!@@!!!!!


10 Responses to "I’ve been a slacker…"

Wow, I’m so glad your sister and her little one are OK!

Thanks. It was pretty frightening.

Glad you are back and that your sis & her new baby are okay. Cruddy way to start the school year but hey! you got the whole flu thingie outta the way now! Can’t help you with the inlaw thingie-you are SO on your own! I spit out my coffee with the “pond that spawned them” line. lol

Yeah, they actually have a pond. And ducks, chickens, goats, peacocks, & several other critters I can’t remember.

Soooo badly do I wish we wouldn’t get the flu after this! ha,ha

I am so glad to see you are back!!! Yeah! Sorry that our little one isn’t feeling so well but hope it goes away soon. Love ya

love ya too!

I still feel your pain with the sick kids, I have NO compassion for any sort of illness that gets my kids out of school! I also feel your pain with the in-laws. You’re welcome at my house anytime!!

See ya soon!

Wow, you have been busy girl. I love love love the link that you put on my blog..it totally made me smile. Thank you so much, I needed that ALOT…talk to you soon.


I’m so glad I was able to make you smile. I hate it when something so rotten happens & I can’t get out of it!

love ya!

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