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Yeah, I know…

Posted on: August 9, 2010

…it’s been waaaayyyy too long.  Right now I’m having a hard time typing so this will be short.  Hubby, the Prince & I put up some more lighting in the garage which involved Hubby & I standing on ladders holding up lights, screwing them in & then Hubby hard wiring them into the house.  The Prince spent about 1.5 hrs up in the attic helping us find the right places to put the lights.  Poor kid!  I think it was over a 100F up there.  Luckily we had lots of sports drinks & things although my neck & arms/shoulders are killing me!

I did something I’m still shocked about but maybe this will definitely show how much I love Burn Notice & the cast (all of the cast is wonderful, but Jeffrey Donovan?  sigh…), plus Matt Nix (creator/writer/producer) & the writers!  Anyway, I joined twitter just to follow them!  Isn’t that bizarrely odd?  Does this make me a stalker?  Oh & I even have a follower!  I have no idea who she is or how she found me but ok.

Yeah, so I’m going to bed now but wow.  Looks like I’m coming up in the world?

And Mom?  Happy Birthday!  You too, sis #2!


14 Responses to "Yeah, I know…"

Thank you and yes it has been way too long since we’ve heard from you. I’ll bet your arms and neck are aching. That is such a long time working at that. Glad you got it done. Good for you guys!

Thanks, Mom. Now I’m going out to clean the pool & then fall in. Sounds like heaven, yes?

I might have to start watching this Burn Notice.

Yes. Yes, you should!

Can you say “weekend warrior”? I must be getting old because I’m starting to be achy every Sunday. I can’t believe you joined Twitter! I feel betrayed! Now I’m the only person left in America who doesn’t Tweet!

Who said I “tweet”? I just said I joined!

That totally makes you a stalker..just kidding. I use twitter just to follow celebrities..is that weird? I RARELY write, but I gawk..haha. I am going to have to check out Burn Notice, although the last thing I need is to get hooked on another show. I have True Blood, Oprah, Big Bang Theory, Any cooking show and any mystery show. I think I’m a showaholic..haha. Talk to ya soon.


You’re so funny! Yep, we’re stalkers in arms who rarely tweet! Ready for another laugh? I’m private so that no one can see what I say unless they are following me & I lost my one follower (totally a sex thing when I traced it back) so…NO one can see my tweets! hee,hee,hee… I think I actually like it that way!

Missed YOU!

I like Burn Notice too. Fall season is starting. wonder if there will be any NEW, good shows? I am twitter but tweet about sweeps. You might be overwhelmed by my tweets.

Trust me, anytime a tweet comes through I’m as giddy as a school girl which is saying quite a bit since it’s been 25 yrs since the k – 12 scheme! ha.haa

I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the support. I don’t get around the web much these days, but I totally appreciate your friendship. Thank you!!!

Annie, you are so kind. I love your blog. Now what was that?

Oh, yeah. Push it in, shove it in, waaayyy in! (@ least until Saturday, yes?)

Wow look at me, getting into it and all.
this is a lot of fun reading your comments and happenings.
Tell the prince congratulations on the battle scars and good luck with all his sports, hope he can remember which one he’s playing when he’s playing.

What?! You’re trying to hide back here in the old posts?

The Prince does pretty good about remembering since he plays goalie for soccer. Although you’re right. W/ bb starting he might just forget & try to block all shots!

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