Hello, My Name is Susan

But I don’t wanna get up!!!

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Or in other words, it’s not time for school to start but I’m still getting up @ 6am.  Why?  Oh, right.  The kids have soccer camp starting this am @ 8am & since we live 35 min from the soccer field I have to get my butt & the kid’s butts out of bed to go.  Luckily, I get to come home for 2 hrs & snooze & then I get to go back & get kid #2 plus bring lunch for kid #1.  Crap.  Now I need to find something for lunch.  Guess I’m not quite as ready for school to start as I thought if I can’t think of lunch stuff.  And yep, running on two hours worth of sleep here.  Ugh… Is this week over yet?

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6 Responses to "But I don’t wanna get up!!!"

Hang in there!

Oh, I’m just whining. The kids are already having a blast!

I kind of can’t wait until the kids are old enough to sleep in – god I hope they aren’t morning people forever! BB gets us up at 5:30 or 6 every day still. Ugh! Hang in there!

The Prince used to be a 5:30 type of guy too. The Princess on the other hand used to sleep in but now the roles are reversed. Man, they drive me nuts!

Actually the best part is that I know longer have to get up to get them breakfast. I, during the summer, sleep until 8 or 8.30. Love it!

I know you make noises but to see our kids having fun is it’s own reward. Anyway, it’s better than “I’m bored”! Although, I have to say in this heat it’s hard to imagine the kids having fun – see how old I’m getting!

Love to all,

You’re right. It is better to get them doing something rather than listening to the “i’m bored” whine. *shudder* Just thinking of it makes me have chills down my spine, lol~

The Princess was so excited to be going again today that last night she was in bed & asleep by 8pm & the Prince followed @ 9! It would have been a lovely night if Hubby hadn’t had to work until 10.

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