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Now that’s…

Posted on: July 11, 2010

…customer service!

Thank you for your interest in Carmex lip balm, the #1 pharmacist recommended lip balm for over ten years by Pharmacy Times Magazine.

Our family has a 70 year history of personally responding to all correspondence received here at Carma Labs. Our grandfather started this practice in 1937 when he introduced Carmex, and his grandsons took over this responsibility in 1991. He always stressed the importance of remembering there is a person at the other end of the letter and that if they cared enough to take the time to write and share their thoughts, they deserved a reply. Please note that it may take 1 to 2 weeks to respond to your email.

If your request requires immediate attention, please contact me directly at paul.woelbing@carma-labs.com, or call us at 414-421-7707.

Thanks again for supporting Carmex! We are proud to make lip balm that smoothes, heals and protects consumers around the world.

Thank you,
The Woelbing Family

I belong to Shopathome where I can get all kinds of great coupons & even deals on restaurants plus pretty much anything else you can think of.  Today I was roaming around the freebie section when I saw a notice giving away a free carmex sample.  Imagine my surprise when I checked my junk email (yep, have different accounts for different things.  Sooooo much easier!) when I came across that little email.  (I was scouting this stuff for the Prince who came home w/ really chapped lips. & yes, he had a great time but I didn’t hug him until after he’d showered.)

It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get my sample.  Plus, who sends an email like that?  (yes,yes, I know it’s computer generated but still)  Anyway, I’ll let ya know what happens cause I know you’re all hanging on tender hooks to hear the details.  Wonder if there’ll be a letter in w/ the sample?


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