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This critter…

Posted on: July 7, 2010

…I am a missin’ this here critter.  Don’t know why this time is so much worse from other times he’s been gone but it is.

His big, tough guy ways can be so annoyin but today?  Today I’m missing my young man.

Those two have always had the most special bond until recently.  In fact, from the time she could speak until about two years ago, she always wanted to marry him.

He’s always loved his little cousins too.  In fact, he’s been fascinated by them.

Seeing him do things like this reminds me how little time I have left w/ him living in my home.

Sigh... I miss him…

(he’s @ boy scout camp & will be back saturday)

4 Responses to "This critter…"

This the part of life that is difficult when your kids are pulling at the apron strings (so to speak) growing up and getting ready to leave home. To be honest I don’t think he’ll ever really leave, his heart will always be with you all. He is such a family kid and loves being around family. Yes, he’ll grow up and find a nice young lady and marry her but he’s got a lot of living before that happens. Love you all.

Thanks heavens there’s still more living @ home to do! Even though he was driving me nuts last week he’s still my boy. What would I do w/o him?

Time moves too fast sometimes (most times!) I bet you are looking forward to Saturday more than ever this week!

Absolutely! As soon as he’s de-dirtified I’ll even let him in the pool w/ us. Of course I’ll be the first one to dunk him under but…lol, all in good fun!

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