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Aloha Friday – 2 July 2010

Posted on: July 2, 2010

In the comments lots of you mentioned crocs flips or slides or even ballet types.  Just for the record, two of my flips, a pair of black & a blue pair are crocs!  Where would we be w/o them?  lol!

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ALOHA!  It’s Friday, It’s Friday!  Time to chill out on our blogs & have fun.  According to Kailani @ An Island Life, Friday’s are the day to get ready for the weekend.  So answer a few questions, ask a new question on your blog & roll on!

Hubby complained the other day about how many pairs of flip flops I own.  I thought he was nuts & vigorously defended my habit myself by telling him I only have a few pair.  Then I counted.  I own 6 pair of black flip flops, 1 red, 1 turquoise (brand new & so cute!), 1 tan & 2 navy blue.  That makes a total of 11 pairs of flip flops.

So.  How about you?

Do you flip flop too, or is there a different type of footwear that floats your fancy?

Maybe you prefer purses or wallets/ties whatever made out of duct tape?

Hmmm?  Which is it?

Anyway, answer mine & I’ll be along shortly to answer yours!  Aloha, everybody & have a safe 4th of July!!!


23 Responses to "Aloha Friday – 2 July 2010"

I love flip flops too.. it’s the choice of my everyday wearing.. i sometimes wear wedges or gladiator sandals, but whenever i want to be comfortable i have my stash of flip-flops:)
Happy Friday and here’s my Aloha !

Now I do not wear flip flop per-say, However I have A lot of Berkie’s .. two toe thongs, four slip on and four with straps, three closed toes and boy I could use some more,lol. My Aloha Friday Link for you.

I always thought I was too old for Flip Flops till I got a pair of Ugg ones on sale a few weeks ago. I love them!

Have a great Friday!

I love my flip flops! I only have two pair – black and brown.

I love flip flops! Growing up in Hawaii we wore them everyday and called them “slippahs”! 🙂

I wear my Croc slides almost everyday (you’d never know they were Crocs). In addition to this I live in my Teva during the summer. I used to wear any old flip-flops, but they just are not comfortable anymore.

I do like flip flops but I have a pair of crocs that are actually more like ballet flats sort of, that are my one true shoe love. As far as things I have so many of that it might make one raise an eye brow? Books.

I love flip flops, but I can’t wear just any.. it kills my back and feet, thay gotta have good support..so I use croc flip flops..

I do enjoy a good pair of flip flops.

I love sandals, esp now that I don’t really care what people think about my toes 🙂 And even more so because it’s awfully hot here and feet needs to be freed.

In winter, I prefer boots.

I love flip-flops! I would wear them all year if I could. I actually did wear them all year when I lived in Florida, but now I’m in Kentucky and sometimes my tootsies get chilly! I also love cute open-toed heels; I’m short, so anything that makes me taller is a win for me 🙂

I’d love for you to stop by my blog and answer my Aloha Friday question, too! And take a second to enter my very first giveaway while you’re there!

I only have one pair of flip flop. My thing is work out shoes! I have tennis shoes, walking shoes, cross training shoes and running shoes. 🙂

I only own a couple of pairs of flip flops. I like ballet flats and sandals.

I use different shoes like flip flops and sandals, it depends on where I’m going.

I love flip flops. I don’t own a lot, but I wear them all year, even in the rain. I live in Southern California, so I don’t have to worry about snow and below freezing temps.

I am totally a flip flop girl, but they are really bad for your feet and legs, so I may be venturing out to more sensible sandals and save flip flops for the beach 🙂

I am with you. I love flip flops. I wear them 365 days a year and I go by the rule ” if I can’t wear flip flops somewhere, I don’t really need to go there”. Last count I had 24 pairs.

Happy Aloha Friday

I’ve never been a flip flop person, don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair. I prefer croc slides or
tennis shoes.

lol, I am not a foot person…
I hate them, so I am more of a tennis shoe/sneakers fan..
but, I do have a few pair of flip flops…

I have a pair of black leather flip sandals! and some other sandals! I prefer barefoot!!!LOL

that is a lot of shoes! lol

Love em’. I have pink ones on right now. My favorite ones are my silver glitter ones I’m wearing for the fourth. Following you!

I LOVE flip-flops, I dont have that many pairs though. But its usually what I wear, and I can wear them year-round since I live in Hawaii. Which by the way, locals call flip-flops slippers.

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