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The Princess & I…

Posted on: July 1, 2010

…went here & watched this while we ate popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy & snow cones.  Well, okay.  The Princess ate most of the stuff (& we spilled most of the box of popcorn on the floor) but I did drink half of a “dr wells” which was really not good fake Dr Pepper.

If you haven’t ever been here or maybe haven’t been here recently – GO!  Do not pass go just GO!  (we got our tickets from ticket master online through the circus website & they were only $10 because the person who told us about them signed up to get deals from tm)  Our favorite parts were the baby elephant, trapeze performers & the metal globe where 7 (SEVEN) adults on dirt type bikes rode round in circles going higher & higher. It was so darn impressive!  And you can go before the show & see some of the animals somewhat up close.  It was awesome!!!

We also stopped here & got these because we haven’t had them in over 3 yrs & the store was open 24 hrs!

…sigh… it was almost like being in heaven!  (see how easy I am to please?  Just shove blueberry munchkins in my mouth! lol)


4 Responses to "The Princess & I…"

Oh sounds VERY fun and what a great deal on tickets!

It was a blast & my friend’s 2 yr old even loved it. There was so much going on & the colors are so bright & bold that it was a great success for all!

Sounds like you had a great day.

Hi, darkhaireddolly & welcome. Yep, we had a lovely time & I’d love to take Hubby & the Prince back later. Absolutely lovely!

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