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Mad, sad & …

Posted on: June 29, 2010

I was going through my email & came across this spiritual thought from one of my church leaders.  This totally fits the situation & my reaction to it so I thought I’d share it.

“If you feel you have been wronged—by anyone . . . or by anything—deal with the matter directly and with all the strength you have. . . . And, without delay, turn to the Lord. Exercise all of the faith you have in Him. Let Him share your burden.”

Donald L. Hallstrom, “Turn to the Lord,” Ensign, May 2010, 80

and now back to the post.  I’m off to take his advice!

…still kinda upset.  Last week while my friends were here, I invited my neighbor’s daughter & her friend to come swimming w/ us.  My neighbor vouched that her daughter’s friend could “swim really well under water”.  For some reason I felt concerned about this friend of a friend & kept asking my neighbor about the girl.  My neighbor finally told me to give her some kind of test if I was so worried (she actually put it like that).

I didn’t think any more about it since I was getting into the pool for a few minutes (it’s been 100F or close to lately).  I was just getting back out of the pool when the two girls arrived.  I sat on the deck w/ my friend (visitor from back east) & visited while watching the kids.  I needed to go get dinner started & since my friend was sitting there & I had the reassurance that every one could swim I started in the house.  All of a sudden, an overwhelming desire to ensure that this young girl could swim came over me.  I turned to the girl, who was about mid point along the wall @ the narrowest point but in the deep water (pool depth @ deepest is 9 feet) & told the girl to swim across.  She looked up @ me & gave me a look that I couldn’t decipher, took a deep breath & went under.  I assumed that she was pushing off under the water but no, she was drowning.  I dropped my towel, kicked off my flip flops & went in.  (All seriousness aside, it was a text book life guard entry.  My old instructors would have been so proud!)  I swam over to her & then down.  I pushed her up & then towed her to the side where my friend waited to help.  There is a big ledge on both sides of my pool @ this point & we had her sitting there before she even realized that she was okay.  And she was okay.  She hadn’t swallowed any water & while she was scared she wasn’t too upset.

Let’s step back for a moment & let me tell you how freaking mad I was.  Both of these girls knew the one girl couldn’t swim but they had wanted to get into my pool so badly that they lied.  I scolded the one girl but wish I’d scolded my neighbor’s daughter as well.  I ended up letting the girls stay however I wouldn’t let them out of the shallow end & when my neighbor came over I told her what had happened.  She too, turned & scolded the girl.  Lately though, all I can think of is that my neighbor’s daughter knew her friend couldn’t swim (she was totally unconcerned about her friend when this happened & yes, I understand that as a 10 yr old child her brain is irresponsible & immature but it still really upsets me) & that her mom hasn’t said anything to her about it.  (I feel this way because of things that have happened when we’ve been together.)  This is the same neighbor w/ the wild child dog, who has since been fixed & is no longer as wild (the dog), & she always seems to have the attitude of “oh, well”.  sigh… I’m working through my anger.

Okay, the moral of the story is, never turn your back on anyone in your pool & don’t let unknown friends swim.  And maybe even known friends.  I haven’t finished deciding yet although I’m sure I’ll invite my neighbors back just no friend of friends!


8 Responses to "Mad, sad & …"

I can’t help but think how glad I am and I know you are about your training as a life guard at that moment when you were prompted to look back again. Some day someone will do something like that for you – oh not in water but something someone will take a second look and take care of you and yours. I love you,

You do know how much I love you, right?

I kinda already feel like someone did this for us before. When the prince was so sick. Between you guys, the unknown RS President who left a sweet note & brownies for us @ tlf, the dr’s & nurses who looked after him & of course all of the people around the world who prayed for him (that doesn’t even go into how grateful I am to my Father in Heaven either). I feel like right now it’s my turn to play it forward because so many did so much for us.

Wow, not cool. I actually thought for a second after seeing the pool pic and the somber tone of the first line that it was something worse than what happened. Still, so not okay! And I hate having to deal with people whose parenting is, well, not so great. I get that people have different ways of doing things, and the job can be done many ways, but if your kid is turning out irresponsible, something is not working there.

Oddly enough Ana, I invited the neighbor girl to swim w/ my kids today (no one else was here) because she was home alone (she’s 10). When my neighbor came over she steered the conversation to the last visit & how upsetting it was. I causally mentioned that I thought my daughter would have known that her friend couldn’t swim & that I wondered if her daughter might have known. She was genuinely surprised that I thought that & that she was sure her dd hadn’t known. She then told me that she’d spoken w/ the other little girl again who told her that she really could swim.

‘Kay. Why’d I have to go in then? At this point I’m starting to be more than a little concerned about this whole thing & not certain how often I want my dd & this girl to play together. Pretty sure the girl has told dd about sex & babies due to the graphic questions dd had last time they were alone together. So not cool! *deep breath* Ugh!

That is so scary – thank god you were persistent and kept an eye on her! That little girl owes you her life! I’d be mad, too.

*breathing deeply – in ‘n out, in ‘n out* That’s what I’m doing. I have a friend who loves kids but doesn’t trust them to know a nat from a moose. Guess I need to believe that too.

I am so glad that you let your intuition guide you and were there when it mattered most. My sister almost drowned when she was 2. My aunt was supposed to be watching her. Fortunately my cousin’s friend heard a splash and went to ck it out. He saved her life (he was 13)It is sad that some people are so clueless. I hope that you have a great weekend. Since you missed the last one, if you haven’t already, stop by & enter my latest giveaway. It would make a great pool toy:)

I’m so glad that your cousin’s friend was aware of his surroundings. I know that I was guided to check her out. It sounds kinda weird but that’s all there is to it. I just didn’t feel comfortable w/ her for some reason (well, okay, we all know the reason NOW but…)

I entered & CSN looks like they have some nice things. I think the toys would be a little young for my 13 & 8 yr old but I’m pretty sure that my 2 yr old nephew or soon to be born niece would love them! *g*

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