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Um, you’re right, I DO have a blog!

Posted on: June 26, 2010

Yeah, guess I forgot for a minute there.  We had a blast w/ my friend & her two kids.  Even though it was pretty warm (100F+) we still went to Tombstone (we took refuge in a silver mine to escape the heat!), The Tucson Sonora Desert Museum & then I bailed on Sunday & let Hubby go w/ our teens & my friend while I stayed w/ the younger ones.  See, they went to the Copper Queen Mine to do a tour & my friend’s youngest & the Princess both were a little anxious @ the silver mine so I opted to stay home.

On Monday @ 6:30 am we left & headed up to Phoenix to take them to the airport.  Luckily Hubby decided to join us for this trip since I was pretty tired.  And even better my friend wants to come back & visit but this time she’ll fly into Tucson (2 hrs closer to my home!).  Phew!  It was a great time but since she doesn’t post photos of her kiddos online I can’t show some of the photos I took.  so…

And in other news, Hubby finally likes our pool.  That’s part of why I haven’t been around.  Hubby is starting a new job & took a few days in between starting the new & finishing the old, to be w/ us!  That means that since it’s been over a 100F here we’ve been living in the pool.  It’s been great & we’ve been having a wonderful time although I think the sun is starting to get to the kids since they are both starting to act out.  Sheesh, I though summer was supposed to be fun.  Oh, well.

I’ll try to be better @ posting but as long as we can swim we will since it’s very good for my waistline!


4 Responses to "Um, you’re right, I DO have a blog!"

Glad to hear you all are enjoying that pool. Wish we were there to enjoy it with you, although I can do without the 100+ heat. I know that is the reason your pool is nice and warm. Just can’t win! Love ya,

Oddly enough once you’re actually in the water the air doesn’t feel 100F. It’s pretty weird but we’ll take it. We got rained on yesterday while we were swimming & that was pretty cool. Cold, I mean. Very cold.

Have fun swimming!

Absolutely! And ya know, if you’re ever in our neighborhood, come on over! The pool’s warm.

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