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Our backyard visitor or there’s a skunk out there!!!!

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Yep, had a skunk in my backyard this am.  Still not certain how he got there but he not only nailed the house, he nailed the dog & the gate.  The smell is so thick you can pretty much taste it.  (I’m sitting here feeling more & more nauseous by the moment!)

You would’ve been laughing your head off to see me in my nightie running for the gate & swinging it open, then running for the house!  Apparently the little critter took off after for me a minute & I really started running (not a pretty site! lol).  That didn’t completely work so Hubby & the Prince resorted to a bb gun*.  That of course made him spray some more but he eventually left.

It’s 6:30 am darn it & I want to go back to bed but my HOUSE REEKS!  UGH!!!!!!

* no skunks were harmed during the making of this blog although I’d like to hurt it now that my house & dog stink so bad!


6 Responses to "Our backyard visitor or there’s a skunk out there!!!!"

That little stinker would have been toast at my house!

The next day Hubby went out & bought some buckshot. He also went around putting screens in the vents to the let the water wash out of our yard. We’re not playing that game again! lol

Oh god that is so not a good wake up call!

You are so right. As soon as the word “skunk” was mentioned I could smell it. Ugh, that is such a horrible stench!

OH dear, that is NOT good. Skunk is the worst smell in the world. You poor thing.

Ready for this? It’s been a week & the back door, pool equipment & other parts of the house that little turkey sprayed still stink & I’ve put stuff (homemade since that’s what all of the online comments recommended) & it still reeks! It is getting better but… Hubby wants to get some pepper spray & keep it handy to spray if we get another one. He thinks he can spray it in the thing’s eyes & still escape from being sprayed. I think he’s forgotten that he’s a middle aged man! lol

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