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We interrupt this blog…

Posted on: June 15, 2010

only because I’ve been telling my family & friends (who I actually know irl) about my new driveway.  We went away & there it was!  Ta-da!! Not really, but it sure sounds awesome, eh?  Just wish I’d thought to take before pix.

If I mention that the culvert @ the front of the drive was three (3) inches higher would that help?  How about if I tell you that I’ve now had 4 people tell me that they had wondered if they should park out on the street instead of coming into my driveway because they were afraid that their vehicles wouldn’t clear the bump?  That gives quite the visual image doesn’t it?

Okay, I’ll quit.  So w/o further adieu… Or in other words…Really, I’ll stop!

So, we really aren’t a redneck house even if this picture totally looks like it!  Plus, look @ the truck.  It doesn’t look like the leaning tower of Pisa anymore!!! *wink*

Bonus!  When the contractor brought in all of the dirt he loaded it onto this front part of the yard.  As he was scrapping it off, he actually cleared this section & & made it much more smooth & level.  Mom?  Dad?  You can bring your trailer down & not be on such an incline anymore.  Plus our weather is a trifle warmer than yours.  Just a little helpful hint!

And this?  This is the piece de resistance.  This is actually going to be GREEN!  We’re either planting grass seed, sod or fake grass (kinda my personal choice).  I will have GREEN to look @ & enjoy & love.  But not until after next month when we have built back up our cash reserves.  Vacations & this driveway re-do are expensive!

ps – the pix are totally distorted because I wanted to show how beautiful my driveway is now.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging…


6 Responses to "We interrupt this blog…"

WOW! Did I say Wow? It looks so nice. I’ll bet you are really enjoying it. I was glad when we came in our truck because it sits so high off the ground because of your driveway so now — no problem.

Yep, now you can drive the car down & totally be unconcerned when you drive into the driveway.

It looks great!

Thanks! We’re thrilled to say the least.

That looks super, it just changes the look and I’m sure what you can do and makes it much easier to get in and out. Looked real hard but don’t see the hookups.

You didn’t see the hook ups? Well, there’s just something wrong w/ that pix then. Those hook ups have got to be there! lol At least there’s not much angle in the two parking spaces!! *grin*

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