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Posted on: June 9, 2010

Wonderful!  We went to the Grand Canyon on a train, Twin Falls, Idaho for my mil’s stupid rocks, Utah for my daughter’s baptism (& my nephew’s too!), the Petrified Forest, an extremely scary & yet amazingly beautiful mountain drive & finally home.  Think that sounds like a lot?  It was & yet there’s so much more too.  I couldn’t remember my password & so nothing got updated but, we survived.  We had tons of problems for a bit & then after a very heartfelt prayer, peace.

I have to mention this & then it’s off to bed.  We were driving north from Flagstaff, Arizona, on Memorial Day.  Hubby was driving & had to pass one of those monster, big, Oldmobiles.  The kind that older people drive (if you’re young & have one, well, um, sorry?)  Anyway, as we’re getting ready to pass I notice that the driver must be pretty old because I can’t really see him/her through the back window.  As we drive up I notice something hanging in the rear/side window behind the driver.  It was a military (probably Army but possibly Marine) uniform.  There were several medals & ribbons on it & everything including the buttons was polished to a very high sheen.  As we continued past the car I could see that yes, the man was quite old, as was his wife, but he was proudly wearing a baseball cap that proclaimed what unit he’d been in.  As sudden, & highly unexpected, tears welled up in my eyes all I could think of was the pain & joy that couple had lived through.  How many of his friends/family members died in the war he’d served in?  Was he injured?  Was he married or did he have a girlfriend @ the time?  Was it the woman w/ him?  And what about the woman?  How many of her friends/family members had died for us?  What had she been doing during the war he’d served in.  Had she been part of the Red Cross?  They looked old enough to have lived through World War II.

I will never know if they did but either way this couple had surely lived through things that I never have.  I’ve mentioned before that Hubby is retired AF & all I could think of after we’d left this couple behind us is how grateful I was for both of their (she served too even if it was from the home front, trust me on this one!) service & for the loved ones who won’t ever come back from various wars & what nots (I can’t think of the political term right now) all over the world.  When we lived in Md, we took the opportunity & went to Arlington National Cemetery.  There is an almost sacred feeling there as you look @ the many lives that have been laid down while fighting for our country.

To those who’ve come before me, those serving now & those who will serve in the future.  Thank you for your many sacrifices.  To the families who’ve lost loved ones.  I can never thank you enough for the sacrifices you’ve endured, but please know that I’m proud to be an American & I Thank you w/ all of my heart for your selfless devotion to family, friends & country.

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