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Not meaning to be MIA or anything but…

Posted on: May 10, 2010

My parents arrived last week.  They got here a day early & surprised us.  I don’t mean to be MIA but I’m enjoying my parents & well, I’ll probably be missing a little bit longer.

I’ve finished my eng 101 class & looks like I did get an “A”.  Panicked for a minute cause there was a computer glitch that made 7, then 5 & finally 4 of my grades revert to an “F”.  Freaked me out but my instructor corrected it & was pretty nice telling me that he had enjoyed having me in his class.  I wondered about that one since we really didn’t have much interaction but okay.  Just glad that I got my grades straightened out!  lol

Anyway I just thought I’d post something so that well, no one completely gives up on me!  Happy Monday!!!


10 Responses to "Not meaning to be MIA or anything but…"

Have a great time with your parents!

We are! Lots of fun stuff like temple open houses. Yeah, Gila Valley Temple!!!!

Congrats on the A’s – that computer glitch musta freaked you out!

Freak wasn’t even the right word. I think ballistic along w/ “freaking out” might actually cover it, lol! All’s well that ends well, eh?

WOOHOO!! good to know your class went well!!
waiting on Grumpys
statics class grade right now he is hoping for a solid A
will be disappointed if it is an -A ..lol

enjoy your company..

we went to Ajo well to
Organ pipe national forest
thought of you,
we would have just had to go east a couple of hours
to get to you i think

Oh, Linda, how fun! We’re taking the Princess up north to Layton for her baptism since her cousin will be getting baptised too, we decided to make it a double header & we’re totally planning on visiting the Grand Canyon & other things along the way. Next time I need to be in Phoenix count on an email so that we can try to get together. I would absolutely love it!

*crossing fingers* hope that Grumpy got his “A” too. Interesting fact. One of my good friends from back east is coming to visit right after we get back from Ut & she’s a statistician.

I could never give up on you! So happy to hear about your grades! Woot! Enjoy your time with your family:)

Thanks, Lissa! It means a lot and yes, we did have a great time!

Enjoy spending time with your family!

We’ve had a blast! We don’t get to see each other all the time so it’s extra nice when they come & “bring their house (trailer) w/ them” as my daughter says. She loves to visit Grandma & Grandpa @ their “house”.

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