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Aloha Friday 29 April…

Posted on: April 30, 2010

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Hard to believe but I’ve made it through to another Friday!  Even have my homework turned in early.  So, it’s been awhile but Aloha Friday is all about taking it easy.  I really, really, really need easy.  Between both of my kid’s birthdays in one week, an essay due, my parent’s coming to visit, a celebration for the 100th anniversary of my kid’s school, the first birthday party we’ve hosted in a few years plus a Barbie cake similar to this one –

Only decorated in fondant which is a totally different type of frosting/icing.

So, I’ve been busy.  But that’s actually besides the point.  My question, since I’m in the midst of birthday central here, is what is your favorite present from your childhood?

Was it a hoola hoop?

How about a firetruck?

Did you get to go see your favorite rock star/band for your birthday?

For me, my favorite present changes yearly depending upon what I can remember!  lol, but I do know that I loved all of my birthdays especially the ones after I became a mom.

So?  What was it?  Can’t wait to come & visit y’all!  Aloha!!!


22 Responses to "Aloha Friday 29 April…"

You sound as exhausted as I feel this week. YOur a busy girl too. It would of had to been my Wizard of Oz Dolls

I remember that I loved my first purse I received when I was little! It was fun having a purse! Have a great Friday!

hmm good question.. i don’t remember too well .. but i guess the best present as a kid was on my 14th b-day when i got my first real silver ring.. i was turning into a big girl:) oh and also on my 10th b-day i got an electric brush i was fascinated with it:)anyway

It was my 13th birthday and I remember it well. My dad got me a pink and white brand new Ranger Bike & the handles had pink & white streamers. It was so rad! He even put a balloon in the spokes for me & a card with with a clothespin in the front wheel my brother put there. It was cool. Then I got a Strawberry shortcake birthday cake. Those strawberries were huge!

I think it would have to have been my ‘My Friend Mandy’ doll, although I’m dating myself a bit here. She was popular back in the 70’s. 🙂

All of the doll clothes my mom made me. (I still have them all)

I got a mini snooker table when i was little and absolutely adored it!

I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite but the ones I remember are a puppy, a Nintendo, and my favorite doll named Shannon that I still have today.

My memory of childhood is so foggy and sadly no big present comes to mind. I was a bookish child so I’m sure any hot new Babysitters Club book would have rocked my world. I usually got to fly out to see family for my birthday and Christmas and honestly that was huge enough for me.

Oh, that is tough! I think it was a Cabbage Patch doll.

My favorite gift ever were Barbies!! I love them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy Friday and weekend.

I didn’t get gifts as a child or have birthday celebrations.


it was my first real bike!! I was 6!!!Aloha

Two of my faves were the Dream date game and a skateboard. My dad made the skateboard out of tie-dye plexiglass ( I think?). This was when skateboards first came on the scene, so we couldn’t afford a new one.It was so cool. Plus all the neighborhood kids ( including the boys) came over to my house and wanted to use it. It was nice being popular! lol

I think my favorites were the toy horses I got that I could ride. We have tons of pictures of me as a kid on those horses! 🙂

I think my favorite would be one of my Cabbage Patch kids or my Barbie Town House. Of course, I also loved my Lite Brite ( the one from the 80’s was so much better than the one today).

i have no clue what my favorite was…
i do know that i loved my cabbage patch doll 🙂

hmmm….that is a tough one. I have a very poor memory for things like that. I remember that I loved getting books and still have a few that my father (long since passed away) inscribed.
I did just buy myself a bike for a birthday…but I am a bit beyond my childhood years.

My favorite was the Lego Black Knight Castle. I still have it so that my son can have it when he is old enough for legos.

Liddle Kiddles,
when i was 7 or 8 I got these little dolls in lockets, they were so cool..

Plus I had the neatest Barbie Colection. My mom made us huge Barbie wardrobes

including real mink coats..lol

My favorite birthday present may be an Atari video game set.

Anything Strawberry Shortcake or Cabbage Patch Kid. Or when I was older, games, like Perfection or Connect Four or Operation. Kids stuff was so much more fun back then…

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