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Just rain already….aaaaacccchhhhhooooo!!!!!

Posted on: April 19, 2010

gasp, cough, choke, aaaachhhooooooo!!!! Well, I’ll update on the part front & then I need to get back to laundry, carpet cleaning & this little thing called my final essay.

The Prince is great w/ what we’re doing for his b-day.  Well, except we’re adding in an ice cream cake & I guess buying the Princess some more Soy ice cream.  She says she’s okay w/ that but I might let her have a minuscule sliver of the ice cream cake.  We’ll have to see.  Oh & I have to head down to the feed store today or tomorrow so that I can get a couple of bails of hay for a shooting range/post.  Did I mention that the Prince is getting a bb gun?  Yep, he is.  After a couple of years of air soft guns plus taking & passing a gun safety class & getting his boy scout gun merit badge, I guess he’s ready.

Guess what?   The Princess doesn’t want a Barbie cake!  Instead she suggested this cake which I made before I knew how to do anything.  I thought “okay, I can run w/ this & make it tons better!”  Only she got me & decided that she wants a Minnie Mouse cake!  (I actually have an old minnie mouse character cake pan)  I really hate this idea don’t want to do this.  I hate doing the star tip for that long.  It will take all day since it’s been so long but what do I do?  I think I’m still going to work on her to let me do an updated better version of the cake above.  Sure would save me lots of pain time!


4 Responses to "Just rain already….aaaaacccchhhhhooooo!!!!!"

SO, I am honestly going to get myself a Barbie cake for my birthday. I can’t wait!

Good for you! Send a pix please. What color did you get her dress & what kind? Is this weird if I say I wish I was getting one too? (it’s no fun making one yourself! ha,ha)

Good luck with the “trying” to change her mind. I mean she is determined if anything!

Love ya,

Man, have you ever described her. She is stubborn to a fault, isn’t she?

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