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Do I or don’t I….

Posted on: April 15, 2010

I’ve left this till pretty late but my kid’s b-days are in the next two weeks.  My son’s will be pretty laid back since it just involves getting his military dependent id card, going out to lunch & maybe a movie plus taking the day off from school.  Not too much but enough that he is happy.  My daughter on the other hand is going to have a party.  The first real party that she’s had in almost 4 yrs.

A party for 8 eight yr old girls.  I’ve decided that we’re doing it outside & that we’re also doing it @ the school.  There’s a fence around most of the property & this enables us to keep them more secure plus you have to park outside of the fence so chances are pretty slim that we won’t see anyone else there.  My dilemma involves me deciding to make her another Barbie cake.  This time I want to cover the cake in fondant as it would be a ton easier!So, my question is do I go ahead & order the fondant (I like to use Satin Ice which tastes like vanilla tootsie rolls & is very easy to use) or do I just make her a sheet cake?  The thing is that I have to order it today in order to get it & have the cake ready on Thursday for Saturday’s party.  Decisions, decisions.  Oh & we’re going to do a scavenger hunt which is another reason to have the party @ the school.


8 Responses to "Do I or don’t I…."

Barbie cake! I always wanted one when I was a kid. My birthday is next month. Maybe I’ll buy myself one.

Every girl deserves a Barbie cake. Seriously.

My mom used to make me barbie cakes. What great memories i have. I am sure that whatever decision you make, your dd will be thrilled. have fun with all of those 8year old girls! i am sure it will be fun & loud! lol also want you to know that I have an Silk Almond review/giveaway going on. No dairy. You might want to (try it-it’s good) & also enter my giveaway as i know your dd was having tummy issues. Have a wonderful weekend!

I’ve been going to enter your Silk Almond milk giveaway. I think the Princess would probably like it since she’s been pretty good about everything else.

I always wanted a Barbie cake but I used to have the best homemade cakes anyway.

I think you should do the barbie cake — if you are up to it, but the Princess will love whatever you do. Just because you did it just for her.

Can’t wait to see you all.

Love ya,

Actually the Princess has changed her mind but I’ll leave that for my next post. Grrrrrr……

Oh, I had a Barbie cake when I was 7. My Aunt made it and I will never forget that feeling when I first saw her. It was incredible. Now I have to go look for the pictures. If I find them, I”ll send them your way..xoxo

Please send me the pix! I would love to see them, Daniela. Looking @ other cakes always give me great ideas. Plus, how cool that you got a Barbie cake. I actually only knew one girl who had one but oh, how I wanted one!



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