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The new tantrums…

Posted on: April 13, 2010

The Princess has had her nose a little bit out of joint lately because my focus hasn’t been as much on her.  With the Prince hurt I’ll admit that I’ve been a little more preoccupied w/ him.  Today I sent the Princess to her room because she was throwing a little mini tantrum.  You know the kind.  Where the child just kinda huffs & puffs & stomps away.  Well, since Sunday I’ve  been over that behaviour.  I’d been trying to help her get over this by making her realize that what she was doing wasn’t cutting it & I finally had to step up the stakes for her a bit.  So, she’s been sent to her room twice now.  After her 7 min are up we talk about what she can do when she finds herself getting angry.  (nope, that part hasn’t changed yet!  Someday….)  This time when I walked in and finally convinced her to roll over & talk w/ me (she was sobbing like her life was over) the first thing she says is “the Prince always gets two straws!”

I have to mention that I love it when my kids do this.  Start talking about a completely different subject.  Once, when the Prince was maybe 4, it was his bedtime but he was exhausted & crying.  We (Hubby, the Prince & I) were outside of the Prince’s door & he was sobbing up a storm only we didn’t know why other than that he was tired.  Finally he tells us that he doesn’t like the letters M, N, O & P plus he doesn’t like the number 5.  Hubby & I had the hardest time not laughing.  This was just so off the wall.

Anyway this was what the Princess was doing.  Talking about something so off the wall.  I actually had to think back to when the last time the Prince even used a straw!  I think it was a smoothie he made about a week ago but a) the Princess was @ school & b) he only used one straw.  I did finally get her to see that she’s not the only one in our family & sometimes it’s not all about her.  We talked some more & then she came out & actually used the things we’d spoken about!  The Prince was playing his usual games (literally & figuratively!! lol) & the Princess spoke calmly & told the Prince that he wasn’t being fair.  In the end, I sent the Prince to HIS room because he ended up throwing a teen tantrum!

*disclaimer – My kids really are nice & most of the time, pretty good but occasionally they are, well, brats!  They come by it honestly.  Ask my mom!  hee,hee


8 Responses to "The new tantrums…"

Sounds like you are handling things very well. Good luck! One thing to remember, as our children grow, so do we!

Love ya,

You’ll be here soon. Are you going to be surprised if I tell you the pool is still green & not exactly warm? In my defense though, the weather needs to be warmer to get the pool warmer. Can’t afford $400 just to heat the darn thing!

lmao about the alphabet story – I’d of died laughing over that one!

Oh, we giggled all night long over that one!

You are doing a great job.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me & every other parent of two spoiled kids! ha,ha

I think it’s great that she was finally able to talk about it. 🙂

Yeah, me too. It’s pretty hard @ the age of 8 to actually express what is subconsciously bugging you. Pretty proud of her.

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