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And the injury is……….

Posted on: April 9, 2010

It’s a torn ac!  But it’s also quite possibly a torn cc as well!  What this means is that for the next 6 – 8 weeks there will be absolutely NO sports to include mt biking.  In fact, the only things he can do are soaking in the pool (not quite blue or warm enough) & walking.  That’s it on the exercise front since we don’t have a gym membership.  The other things are that he still needs to be in his sling, take Aleve twice a day (take less pills than ibuprofen), still use the ice as needed & that last one is that he should sleep in the recliner if it feels better.

And that is what we learned after driving up to the big city & meeting Dr Nielson @ the Tucson Ortho Institute.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love that place?  Not here?  Well, I do.  After the other peds ortho dude saved reset the Princess’s arm we will always go up there for our bone needs.  It’s a trust thing.

Well, I’m off to start researching my last paper for this class.  Hopefully I get a couple of week break before my next online classes start.  I still have to go in & register because they won’t let me do it online (register) until I’ve taken 12 credits online.  Oh, well.  Gotta go get that Aleve!


4 Responses to "And the injury is………."

Poor kid – I bet he’ll be glad to get active again in a couple months!

Yeah, he’s going stir crazy but @ least there’s not going to be surgery in his immediate future!

Oh, man! Hope he heels quickly!

Thanks. He’s actually doing pretty good. As in he’s amazingly non-whiny. I’m pretty impressed on that front!

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