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Another tummy ache but good news!

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Update:  Turns out the princess only drank a few sips of water yesterday @ school.  That was her phrasing & not mine, btw.  I explained to her that when you are on Miralax, you have to drink LOTS of water.  She said “oh”.  This morning before she got on the bus I reiterated the whole drink @ least one full water bottle today (half day).  Betcha her tummy doesn’t ache today!

Good news on the dairy free front.  The princess loves her veggie cheese & says that it tastes “really good”.  Is it awful of me if I can’t force myself to try her cheese?  It just looks so nasty & processed.

On the really not so great front, her tummy hurt her twice today @ school & once tonight.  I’m sure it’s not the stuff I’m thinking but all I can think of are really bad things like irritable bowel syndrome or something worse.  Of course the sad thing is that it could just be stress.  I try to not yell @ my kids, but sometimes I do yell.  Is that what’s wrong?  See, now I’m going nuts.  Of course I found an old piece from CNN that was ever so helpful.  It’s from 1999! Anyway, the article describes RAP which basically means undiagnosed belly pain.  Says that lots of kids have it.  Great.  One more thing to worry about.


8 Responses to "Another tummy ache but good news!"

I can’t help but think perhaps this much information is just TOOOOO much info. You know when we didn’t have computers and information available everywhere we looked we seemed to survive.

One thing I noticed when you kids were young, how I reacted to something seemed to determine how you all did. Could that have anything to do with this? I hope so because that is easily fixed, just use duct tape and put it across your mouth around your eyes (so they can’t see you stressing) and down the sides of your cheeks to keep any type of expression. See how easy that is. Oh the many uses for duct tape!!!! (of course this is from my long experience, tee, hee).

Love ya,

Thanks, mom! You’ve been w/ dad too long on that duct tape!!!

Actually I’ve been trying to not react @ all in front of her. Last night she was trying to not eat her tomato soup so she told me she had a tummy ache. Caught her in the act!

Oh & I did try the cheese. It is very weird. I actually spit mine out when she wasn’t looking. She was so proud to have cheese though that I didn’t want to tell her how awful it really is!!

Listen to your mom, duct tape is your friend..haha. I love love love the internet, but do believe also that it sets us up to diagnose ourselves or our kids a bit too much. My son has a sore wrist and he is convinced that he has either, carpal tunnel, bone cancer, a cracked bone or nerve damage. REally!!

I hope the tummy aches go away and do yourself a flavor..stay away from that nasty cheese..haha..xoxo

My dad has a duct tape wallet! Would you believe that it has a lifetime guarantee? That’s the part that totally cracks me up!!

Oh, I Did try that cheese & it is truly disgusting! *shudder*

Aww I hope she starts feeling better soon and it all sorts out – glad she likes the cheese at least – good luck!

She’s getting there but it seems that the cheese isn’t the issue because she isn’t really going to the bathroom w/o the miralax. Ugh. I thought potty issues would be done after potty training! lol

Every time I come to hellomynameissusan.wordpress.com there is another interesting post to read. A friend of mine was talking to me about this topic a couple weeks ago, so I think I will e-mail them the url here and see what they say.

Hope it helps your friend and thanks for the compliment! Love those!! lol

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