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The Princess is…

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Well, the Princess might have a dairy allergy.  When she was born I had to go off all dairy products because her little tummy couldn’t handle it in my breast milk.  For 6 months that meant I drank soy w/ my cereal.  Well, 7 1/2 years later she has to go off dairy again.  I use dairy in almost everything.  I use cheese or milk in most recipes & we drink milk w/ every meal.  Hm….

I feel bad for my darling.  String cheese & yogurt are prime snacks @ my house probably once a day.  We’re doing this though because she’s been having “tummy troubles” to put it mildly.  @ least once a week but usually 4 or more times, she will complain of a tummy ache.  Miralax has become our friend & indeed the Princess now gets to take daily doses of the stuff.  The sad thing is that we have oatmeal for breakfast almost every day & that she eats apples of some sort (doesn’t unsweetened applesauce count?) daily as well.

Guess I’d better go put up the bag of twisted cheetos.  Oh & the milk chocolate.  Those are off the table for a bit too… (we do get to add dairy back gradually in a couple of weeks to see if that was the problem.  Wish us luck!)


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I can relate. Unfortunately for you, she has gotten a taste of the real stuff.
Luckily, there are some really great options – the Silk chocolate soy milk is delicious! As are Tofutti cuties ‘ice cream’ sandwiches.
My daughter is severely dairy allergic, but has never have regular milk, cheese or yogurt.

I’m hoping that we will be able to reintroduce dairy in a few months. *fingers crossed*

I really appreciate the advice about the Silk chocolate soy milk. Baby girl loves her chocolate! I think right now I’m having the hardest time because we use a LOT of dairy in our cooking/eating. Oh, well. Can’t make it any harder on her, right?

Anymore advice? Gladly take it!

Poor thing! Dairy is in almost everything! Can she take something for it?

We’re actually trying to see if it is dairy that’s making her tummy so upset. And yes! Dairy is in EVERYTHING! lol, I was looking through my cupboards & groaning trying to come up w/ things for her to eat.

Oh & I’m not certain if she would be able to take anything for it. I did find out though that one of my sisters has to watch her dairy intake. Interesting the things you can find out about someone you grew up w/ but haven’t lived w/ for 25 yrs.

To add to your mystery, I am having problems with dairy. I have to cut down what I have always drank and ate of milt products. Life can at times be a real problem!! Tell the Princess that we love her and hope her tummy will get better soon.

Love ya,

Sister # 3 told me that she has to watch it too. She said thats why, in part, she uses soy milk on her cereal.

Very interesting. My pcm (primary care manager) asked my why I didn’t just put her on something to help her tolerate the lactose. I really need to find a pediatrician for my kids. sigh….

I hope that your little princess is feeling better soon. Tummy troubles are the worst. I can’t imagine how hard it must be. I mean I love cheese! Also having to make a such a big change when it comes to shopping. I am grateful that we do have so many soy products out there. otherwise???? Plz also know that I may not be on blogger much, but I do adore & appreciate you:)

This is so sad but I found some “veggie cheese” ie, not real cheese, yesterday @ the commissary and when I was unloading the groceries I showed it to the princess. She was so excited to see the “cheese” that she yelled “I have CHEESE again”! Man, that was sad.

And Lissa? I understand the difficulties w/ blogging @ times & I just love it when you can be here! You are awesome!!!

Ugh, I feel for you! Dairy is not an easy thing to just cut. I would have a hard time with that one. I hope it turns out to not be that, although then it would be a pain to not know again…so, good luck! I second the chocolate soy milk. My kids like both that and the vanilla ones, which is what you could use on oatmeal instead. It’s what I used to do before I got married and started eating less like a veggie girl. (Although, if you guys always use instant, I guess that isn’t the real problem. We use the flakes, and cook them in water.)

Nope, living w/o dairy isn’t easy. We’ve all cut back so that the princess doesn’t feel so bad although @ night after she’s gone to bed, the prince is downing glass after glass of milk! Kinda funny, that one.

I bought her some of the Silk chocolate milk & while she pronounced it different she was so excited to have chocolate milk again that she downed her cup of it in next to nothing!

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