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The Princess and her movies…

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Last night the Prince had boy scouts and luckily for me, Hubby takes him.  To me, this is free time w/ the Princess.  It’s our time to sit back, play a game, make a craft or watch a movie.  After all of our activities lately & the fact that the new Disney Princess movie plus Barbie’s new adventure made it onto dvd, we sat back & chilled while w watched the movies.

Oddly enough, the Princess liked the Barbie movie better although I think it’s due in part to her age & in part due to the scary nature of the voodoo scene in Disney’s the Princess and the Frog.  I loved the Princess movie better although I thought the voodoo scene where the prince & his man servant change places was a little frightening too.  This movies has been too long in coming & but I hope that Disney won’t take as long to work up a story for a Hispanic princess.  Enough said.

Oh, the Princess & I did have one misunderstanding during another scene in the swamp.  There are these shadow voodoo creatures who are after the main characters (is it bad to admit that I cried when Ray died?  He was a darling little bug!) & the Princess kept telling me that there could actually be creatures like that.  I do believe in ghosts but not in the typical Ghost Hunters thing.  Anyway, being the wise mom, I kept telling the Princess that this was just a cartoon (she actually was surprised when I told her.  Guess @ the ripe old age of almost 8, reality is sometimes blurry still) & she kept insisting that she was right as well.  So I stopped the movie & actually listened.  What she was trying to tell me was that people can wear masks & be ugly & frightening like the shadow people.  My daughter humbled me last night w/ her insight into human nature.  You know what?  She’s right.  You see, she wasn’t talking about a costume mask but rather the mask of civility & friendliness that we wear.  (Sometimes I can be ugly like that when I yell or get frustrated by the things.)  I can’t explain how serious she was about it not being a costume mask.  She was the one who made the distinction, not me.  It kind of amazed me that in one breath she could go from child to adult, but isn’t that always the way kids grow?


8 Responses to "The Princess and her movies…"

That is our little Princess. She is old in wisdom at times and still young in years. I love her thinking and always have as you know. She just so thrills me at times to listen to her and what she can come up with. I think that is the way life is also, if we but take some time and listen we learn a great deal that we “thought” we heard but did not understand what was actually being said. I know I’m guilty of that. Please give her a big hug from me. Can’t wait to see all of you and get my own hugs!

Love you,

You know we can’t wait to see you!!!! Lots of hugs, mom!

I loved the Pricess and the Frog. I watched it with my grandson. Well, I watched and he played with cars. Haven’t seen the Barbie one and probably won’t. She always made me want to slap her. I think it’s a jealousy thing. Plus, there are no girls in our family and I always wanted to buy a barbie for someone, but never could. I think I need therapy.

I have to admit that I am soooo glad I have a little girl. That might all change though once she starts puberty! lol, not really.

I used to love playing w/ Barbie although I can totally understand your opinion! I love in Toy Story how smug she is. Totally cracks me up.

We just saw the Princess & The Frog yesterday and it was much better than I was expecting – and luckily my kids are young enough that I don’t think they comprehended the scariness intended.

I’m w/ you on the better than expected. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it’s on my list of movies to watch repeatedly!

Have you seen Alice in Wonderland? The colors were fun but man, the movie? The Princess & I both agreed that it wasn’t so good.

Wow, all that from The Princess and the Frog? That’s pretty amazing!

Yeah, these little girls of ours are growing up way too fast. Next month the Princess will be 8 too. Any ideas for a b-day part when there is nothing around to do? sigh….

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