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Spring Break 2010

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Wahoo!  It’s spring break time which means sleeping in late, kids visiting friends, playing outside…. Wait.  That’s just my fantasy of spring break.  sigh… Oh, well.  I brought the reality of it on myself.  What is the reality, Susan?  Well, I saw an add in the local gossip sheet paper that was for a spring break (1 week) horse riding camp.  The only bad thing is that it starts @ 8 in the morning.  Meaning the kids & I still have to get up @ the same time as if they were going to school.  I knew it was too good to be true.  Actually the kids are having a blast (they started on Monday & go through Friday) other than the Princess getting cramps from gripping her horse so tight.

Today, since I was watching the neighbor’s daughter who is also in the camp, I thought a little swimming expidition to the local watering hole pool would be in order.  Guess what?  The Princess was so tired that we had to leave early (we got there @ 2pm & left a little after 5pm) & when we got home she fell asleep on my bed waiting for me to get the shower hot.  Mission accomplished in that I have successfully worn my daughter out!  On the upside, her legs weren’t bothering her when she woke up @ 7:30pm.  Of course her little nap meant that she stayed up until 10pm but hey, what’s a little sleep for a kid, eh?

We really had a fun time though.  The Prince brought one of his friends so that he had somebody to pal around w/ & since I was watching the neighbor girl, the Princess had someone too.  Oh & have you ever noticed that people’s attitudes (mine) can be so vastly different in the water?  While we were swimming we kept running into (literally!) this big, kinda frightening looking dude.  He almost had a menacing look about him if you know what I mean. And further more if I met him in a dark alley I would be more than a little bit afraid.  That’s what he looked like.  But know what?  He was the nicest man.  He was laughing & having fun w/ his kids.  We’d bump into him & he’d just laugh & apologize to us!  Dude had some pretty serious tats that looked like things you see in prison movies.  The old saying about not judging a book by it’s cover kept popping into my mind.

Towards the end of our visit some girls came in & man, were they checking out my son!  I kept wanting to go over & tell them that he was only 12.  Yeah, yeah, I know he turns 13 next month but this mama was having some serious mama bear issues!  I’ve already told Hubby that when it’s actually time for the kids to seriously date (late 20’s will work – *grin*) that he might want to remind me that I do want grandkids someday, but not until then.


4 Responses to "Spring Break 2010"

I hope you have a great sprind break! I realized that we are going to DIsneyland at the height of spring break season. Boo.

Oh, man! Yep, you are definitely in for long waits & screaming kids. Hope you guys have fun. *tee,hee*

It sounds like you had a stellar time – and I bet your kids just loved it!

We did have fun & yep, made us somewhat eager to get our pool cleaned & the solar blanket on it so that it will be warm next month. Aw, good times.

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