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Friday’s things…

Posted on: March 6, 2010

I was ready this week.  All ready to play Aloha Friday but once again I’ve been sidelined.  Guess I’ll keep it till next week.  The good news though is that I’ve finished my essay #4 draft.  Yahoo!  This means that my cause & effect essay (I wrote about my son’s mood changes now that hormones have come into play) is almost done.  The bad news is that I start a new class on Thurs.  Wait.  Maybe that is good.  I don’t know.

Hubby & I have become parento locus for two kids until Sunday morning.  So far it’s been good although having to get a girl pre-teen up an hour early for hair care etc… hasn’t be fun.  I LIKE my sleep, gosh darn it!  All for a good cause & honestly, other than the early morning, the girls have have great.  They are polite & considerate & are just all around nice.  I asked the oldest if she was excited to come home Sunday & she told me no because she really liked our trampoline.  Score one for the great outdoors.

I was able to go today w/ the Prince & the older girl on a tour of a local landmark today.  It’s a living cave.  This means that everything is still forming.  It was pretty neat because they don’t really use lights.  There is just enough lighting in there to see the path, it’s super humid (70F plus 90% humidity) & if you touch anything you need to let the park rangers/tour guides know so that the place can be marked & then that night it can gently be scrubbed by hand to reduce the contaminants – hair, lint, oils from our bodies & clothing.  We were actually shown the neat things in the cave by flashlight.  I’ve never had a tour quite like this one & I’ve been to Timpanogos in Ut & Laurey Caverns in Va.

Well, the girls mom is here to visit (she works nights & usually grandma & grandpa have them but they’re taking a well deserved break) & the pizza is ready.  Time to go eat!


4 Responses to "Friday’s things…"

Mmmm, pizza! That living cave sounds cool. Have a good weekend!

Yep, the pizza was good. Papa Murphey’s. Yummmmmmm

My eyes glaze over when pizza is ready, so I totally understand you ditching..haha. I just love your blog..you are too funny.
I would have no idea what to do with girls. I don’t know that I would be patient with the “hair care’ thing, but to be honest, I was that EXACT way as a teen..oyy.

I hope you have a great weekend and that it is sunny and warm where you are.


Aw, Daniela, a woman after my own heart. Have you had Papa Murphey’s cinnamon wheel? Man, does it help w/ cravings!!!

I have 4 sisters & I’ve been doing the Princess’s hair since she had enough. I didn’t have to do anything other than get the girl up man, I need my sleep!!

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