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To my love

Posted on: February 14, 2010

On this day when we celebrate our love according to the world I thought I would tell you some of the things I love about you.  These are big & small & in no particular order.

1.  You always remember to put the toilet seat down.

2.  You buy me chocolate & feminine products when I ask.

3.  You also buy me dt Coke whenever I really, really need it.

4.  You love our children & think that the sun rises & sets w/ them.

5.  You take the time to do sports or play games w/ our children.

6.  You look damn good in a tiara, earrings, ring & necklace.

7.  You look just as good covered in motor oil from working on cars.

8.  You replaced my rotors & brakes.

9.  You have learned to let me sleep in in the morning.

10.  If I’m in the mood for pizza you are too.

11.  You try to honor & respect our parents no matter how hard it might be (thinking of his mom right now on the hard part)

12.  You love your siblings & even though you don’t know mine very well, you do your best to show them love as well (we’ve never lived close to any of my family)

13.  You build sheds & decks & other things even though you don’t know how to.

14.  Last but certainly not least, You LOVE me!  (& I of course, love YOU!


12 Responses to "To my love"

Ha! My husband is out of town today, and comes home tonight. I asked him pick me up a box of tampons. We’ll see if he does it.

lol, that is a definite sign of “true love”. That is if they remember! Hubby calls me a couple of dozen times to ask the specifics (haven’t changed in the 18 yrs of marriage) & what else I need. Gotta love these great guys of ours!

I loved your things “I love about your hubby). That makes me sooooooo happy!!

Love you,

I know you mean the rotors & brakes! Just kidding. Yep, he’s a pretty awesome guy.

So sweet! I hope you guys had a happy Valentines Day!

We had the best day! It was absolutely one of the best holidays we’ve ever had together as a family. Isn’t that odd?

That was so sweet. You totally had me at toilet seat..haha

I may or may not have put that one @ number one on purpose. *grin*

What a great list of gratitude for your man! I bet he has one just as long or longer for you! Have a wonderful day:)

Actually the card he gave me was pretty special I will admit.

I agree. It’s the small everyday things that mean the most.

Yep. I’ve been trying to notice the little details a little bit more. 18 yrs is a loooooooong time!

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