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Entimologist in training

Posted on: February 11, 2010

The Princess literally bounced into the car the other day so excited about something that had happened.  I eagerly awaited her settling into her seat so that she would tell me what had her so excited.  She gets situated & then hands me a paper that she’s drawn on.  What do my wondering eyes see?  Why a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach of course!  They’d had a science class that day in the 7th grade classes & they had actually held & examined live giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches!  I seriously wanted to scream & drop the paper that she had drawn on the legs & antennae & a few other things on but no, I was a good momma & told her how amazing her sketch was.  If she wants to bring bugs in the house I am seriously drawing the line.  Absolutely NOT!

I know I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been excited about the arrangements for the Princess’s baptism (we baptize @ the age of 8), working on homework (still trying to come up w/ a compare/contrast paper although I think I’ll do it on Arizona & Maryland) & trying to find reasons why my almost teenager should be allowed out of the house ever.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am more of a baby person & that I need to do more to show my son my love for him.  Trust me when I say that Prince Valiant/Sullen is aptly named on this blog.  Having a son is so different & having a teen (he certainly knows he is even if his b-day is still a couple of months away) is well, a very interesting experience.  I think I’ve mentioned that I have 5 sisters & even though my dad was there he was certainly not a brother.  This son thing is very different.

Oh & I’ve done some work around the house.  As in changing the towel fixtures.  I want to change the bath rings (towels) in my bath to hooks but I haven’t found the right ones yet although the one I’ve put up is nice; it just needs to be bigger so that I can hang actual bath towels on it.  My next project is fixing the hole that appeared in the wall while I was trying to hammer in the little doohickeys for screws.  If I can ever download pix on my computer again I might even post it.

I have been busy & even though I’ve been mia on my blog I have tried to visit yours.  How sad is it that I didn’t even check my blog?!  I’ll try to do better just as soon as I get this next paper done.  Or @ least the rough draft done & turned in. *grin*


11 Responses to "Entimologist in training"

At least it was an actual cockroach!

What do you mean @ least it was an actual cockroach? Have you seen these suckers? They are freakin huge!

See, I knew one of you would get a “bug” loving kid! Glad it was you and not me. Ha!! By the way, I know she is growing up way to quickly but I know she isn’t in the 7th grade yet. Tee, Hee, more upset about the paper than you thought!!

Love ya,

Yeah, thanks, Mom!

I think my three year old thinks he’s a teenager, he’s certainly trying my patience like one! Glad to see an update and that all is well!

I can totally relate to MM thinking he’s a teen. The Diva wasn’t named that just cause. *wink & nod*

Thanks so much for your beautiful comment. I am so glad to know that you have a great daddy like I did. Some people have not been so lucky! definitely draw the line on the cockroaches, I live in FL and they are huge! EWWWW!!
Hugs to you & your family!

Aww, LissaL, I immediatly called my dad after commenting on your post. I know how lucky I am that I have both of my parents & what a wonderful woman I am.

Oh, teenage boys..I am still amazed that I survived my 3 sons teen years…or that they survived….phew.

Do you know that I watched someone eat one of those hissing cockroaches once..it was on TV thank heavens…I almost lost my lunch.

Good luck with the paper..I’m rootin’ for ya.

I wonder if the bug fascination will last…..she’s such a girly-girl! You’re going to ace your next paper, no worries!

Love ya

If we have to stay here I think she will keep up w/ the bugs. She’s not as girl as she once was although some of that could simply be due to age.

This paper is B.A.D. Not kidding. It’ll be interesting to see what my peer review thinks of it.

love ya too

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