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Another Bucket List

Posted on: February 3, 2010

A different version of the Bucket List.  My Aunt sent this one in an email & well, it was something to put on my blog!  Sorry the print is so small but that’s one of those things I haven’t figured out on word press.

Shot a gun:   Yes

Gone on a blind date:  Yes
Skipped school:  Yes, and even w/ my parent’s permission once!
Been to Canada:  No
Been to Alaska:  No
Been to Cuba:  No
Been to Europe:  Yep, lived in England & Germany & visited some of the surrounding countries
Been to Las Vegas:  Yes, I have to drive through there every time I go to my parent’s.
Been to Mexico:  Yes, my parents took us.
Been to Florida:  Yes
Been on a plane:  How do you think I got to Europe & back?
Been on a Cruise Ship:  Hubby & I took the kiddos on a Disney Cruise w/ my parents a few years ago.  Wonderful!
Served on a Jury:  Almost.  They selected the jury before they reached my last name.
Been lost:  More than once!
Been on the opposite side of the country:  From Ut, lived in Maryland for 9 yrs, NY for 1 yr & I now live in Az
Gone to Washington , DC:  Used to live 11 miles from the White House!
Swam in the Ocean:  Both the Atlantic & the Pacific
Cried yourself to sleep:  Yes
Played Cops and Robbers:  Yes
Played Cowboys and Indians:  Yes, I was always the Indian Princess
Recently colored with crayons:  As a matter of fact I have my own 64 ct Crayons!
Sang Karaoke:  Yes, but only once & never again!
Paid for a meal with coins only:  What else do you do in college?
Made prank phone calls:  Yes, but I bet it’s hard to do these days
Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose:  Unfortunately
Caught a snowflake on your tongue:  Yes
Danced in the rain:  Yes, I had a very wonderful childhood!
Written a letter to Santa Claus:  Of course!
Been kissed under the mistletoe:  Yes
Watched the sunrise with someone:  Yes, on my first date w/ my husband
Blown bubbles:  Um, I’m a mom.  Of course I have!
Gone ice skating:  Yes
Gone skiing:  Yes.  In fact on winter half days @ my hs we used to have ski days & get half price lift tickets
Camped out under the stars:  Yep, & on a beach no less
Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away:  My Husband & my children
Are or have been married:  Better be!
Have children:  Yep
Have a pet:  Dog & Cat
Been skinny dipping outdoors:  Um, former lifeguard – YES
Been fishing:  Nope
Been boating:  See the next one
Been water skiing:  Yep
Been hiking:  Yes
Been camping in a trailer/RV:  Yes, thanks Mom & Dad
Flown in a small 4-seater airplane:  No, but I have in a 8 passenger jet
Flown in a glider:  No
Been flying in a helicopter:  No
Been flying in a hot air balloon:  No
Been BUNGEE-jumping:  Not just NO but HELL NO!
Gone to a drive-in movie:  Yes
Done something that could have killed you:  Yes
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life:  Yes
Been to Africa:  No
Ever ride an elephant:  No, but my son rode one @ a little family circus in Va
Ever eaten just cookies for dinner:  Yes, & they were chocolate chip
Ever been on T.V.:  Yes, on the news
Ever steal any traffic signs:  Yes
Ever been in a car accident:  Yes (no snickering mom!)
Have a nickname:  Yes, but I’m not sharing!
Favorite drink:  Water
Body piercing:  Just my ears
Tattoos:  Nope, not into the pain
Did you ever drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle:  Yes

Driven a manual shift car:  That’s what I learned on
Favorite number:  12
Favorite movie:  The Lake House but it changes all the time
Favorite holiday:  none
Favorite dessert:  Anything w/ chocolate!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years:  Still stuck in the boondocks of Arizona!

8 Responses to "Another Bucket List"

i am going to steel this!

seriously you have never been fishing??
but you have been water skiing!!

in our family boats were boats they were interchangeable and
a lake is a lake you fish and ski!…lol

My dad doesn’t like to fish & neither does Hubby. I’m a very impatient person & I don’t think I’d be a great (or even good) fisherman. And boats (& lakes) are for swimming & skiing! Actually I haven’t even been on a boat in about 4 years. The last one was the Disney Cruise. I miss skiing.

And “steal” away!!

Guess this means I have to take your name off “my” list since Joann sends all of them to you now!! Bummer!!!! Sorry for all of the duplicates!

I don’t mind the duplicates & besides, this one gave me something to put on my blog. OH & you weren’t supposed to read some of that. lol

Aww Sue, very nice to get to know you better. My answers almost mirror yours exactly..xoxo

My twin!!!! Except you like animals much more than I do. *g* & much love to you to!

Chocolate chip cookies for dinner? Now that’s my kind of meal!

I have to admit that they were yummy but only when you’re heart is broken. Just as good as ice cream.

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