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one of the funniest things EVER!

Posted on: January 29, 2010

Do you think you can handle this?  Are you sure?  Even if you don’t like the Twilight series I promise that you will totally love (& I do mean LOVE) this video.  It’s so stinkin ridiculous that it can’t help but be true.

Here it is *click here* “Twilight, what have you done to my wife?”

If you don’t laugh your butt off call me.  Seriously.

disclaimer – this might or might not be all about ME!  except for the robert pattinson part.  Him i can definitely do without!


8 Responses to "one of the funniest things EVER!"

I sooo love this video! of course I love Twilight and so does my tween daughter. My husband teases us all the time! thanks for sharing, I am going to pass it on!

It is pretty funny, eh? The song is so catchy I found myself humming it last night in bed. Hubby was lhbo!

OH, that was sooo funny. My family makes fun of me too..cuz I LOVE the series..and Robert Pattison. Although, he’s no Donny Osmond..haha.

Hey, I met Donny & Marie once. Actually I met most of the family @ the very first Children’s Miracle Network telethon. It was pretty cool.

And Robert Pattinson definitely isn’t Donny! *g*

no flippin’ way!!! I truly am jealous. I was sooo in love with Donny Osmond when I was a kid. His face covered my bedroom walls. I couldn’t wait until the lastest issue of Teen Beat came out because they always had a poster in the middle of the issue..and it was always Donny, Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy. Aaahh, I miss those days.

I have a confession however. I LOVE Robert Pattinson..although, when I realize that he is younger than 2 of my sons..I get grossed out. And then I dream of Donny again..awwww.

I LOVE Twilight but I don’t think I’m that obsessed! LOL!

I’m not really but this song just made me laugh so hard! I did ditch my family though for the couple of days it took me to read the books though. *grin*

Daniela, I loved getting Teen Beat & Tiger Beat too, & for the same reasons! I even went w/ one of my friends & my older sister to see Shaun Cassidy on concert. I knew he would fall in love w/ me even though I was sitting on the nose bleed section & there is absolutely NO WAY he could have seen me!

Another friend had a purple room. As in walls, carpet, you name it it was purple. She totally had the biggest crush on Donny. Now that I think of it, it was pretty funny. Of course the carpet was shag too.

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