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Not so quietly freaking out!

Posted on: January 28, 2010

I planned on writing about the Princess’s new career path but then I logged into my student online account to see what my grade was for the last assignment (I’ve been carrying an “A” on the last 2 assignments) when I see that I have a “D” on the latest one.  Turns out that the instructor didn’t get two of my feedback responses.  I sent them out!  I went back & copied the area where it says they were sent & when & to whom.  I did forget to send one of them to the instructor when I sent it to my fellow student.  That should still get me a “B”.  Agh!!!!  Yes, I’m freaking out!

I did get my feedback from the online tutor (we have to submit our essays to them as well) & he didn’t find much of anything to critic.  Yahoo!  @ least something turned out well.

My 5 hour Jack Bauer buzz is slowly going away.  I really enjoyed that buzz.  Men everywhere looked ever so much better.  Don’t think I did but oh, well *shrug* can’t have everything!  *grin*


2 Responses to "Not so quietly freaking out!"

I hope they fix your grade!

I sincerly doubt they will but still. I’ve contacted the program that they use to see if tech support can figure out what’s going on. *shrug* I’m not as upset as I was earlier which helps too.

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