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I know it’s campy but…

Posted on: January 4, 2010

So I know that the Vampire Diaries & Eastwick (loved the movie w/ Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon & Michelle Pfifeifer btw!) are more than a bit campy but I love them.  They can be super romantic as in romance novels type & well, campy but still, I love em.  Gonna be sad to say goodbye to Eastwick.  Well, that & Trauma.  That one I like better than Mercy but I’ll live w/ Mercy.  Man!  Why do the networks keep canceling everything?  I haven’t even mentioned my other & most favorite one.  The Dollhouse. I won’t even get started on how stupid the CW is to let this on go.  I’m hoping that the SciFi network will pick it up but not holding my breath too hard if you know what I mean.

That’s my rant & love for right now.  I’m getting caught up on the things I missed while the kids were out.  (we don’t let our children watch most of network tv.  we just want to protect them for a bit longer although the Prince is starting to watch NCIS.  That one doesn’t deal w/ a lot of sex.  I love that!)  Of course if you haven’t heard of Leverage you need to catch that one.  It’s great although I really miss the Sophie Devereaux character.  Gina Bellman plays Sophie & she was missing for part of the season to have a baby, I think.  It’s just a fun show along the lines of the Oceans movies.  Fun, flirty & fast paced.  I love how the characters intermingle.  They just have a great time together & sometimes the hidden things you learn about the characters are the most fun.

Two more shows that I’m so excited about them returning are Castle & Chuck.  I read somewhere that the actress who plays the main character, Rick Castle’s daughter, Alexis (Molly Quinn), that when she auditioned w/ Nathan Fillion (Castle) she immediately wanted the job because he made the interview so much fun.  And the show is a blast.  If you haven’t watched how wonderfully the characters interplay you really need too.

And Chuck.  Chuck was due to be cancelled but has been given another shot.  Oh, heavens, people.  WATCH this show!  It is seriously funny &, well, fun.  I love all of the unrequited love that is so cute I don’t mind my 12 yr old watching.  And the action is great.  The main character is flawed & so is everyone around him.  Makes this show wonderful.  So watch it!  I’m really tired of some of my favorites being cancelled!  AS in SERIOUSLY getting ANNOYED!

Can you tell that I’m excited for my tivo to actually have new stuff to record?  I’m getting tired of nothing new being on my play list!  I NEED my TIVO to be FULL!!

That is all.  Thank you for your time & patience.  You will be returned to your regular blogging now.

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10 Responses to "I know it’s campy but…"

I am excited for 24!! I hope it doesn’t suck this season.

You & me too. I’ve heard it’s going to be really good & man, do they need to make it so! I completely forgot to add it to my list & yet it is the one I’m absolutely the most excited about. I can’t wait for the two night premier that is going to be 4 hours!!! mwa,ha,ha,ha,ha!

I tried to get into Leverage but for some reason I couldn’t. Now, Dark Blue is a really great show!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Dark Blue. I’ll have to google that one. I love me some tv!

I’m too wrapped up in stupid Grey’s Anatomy to start watching anymore stupid shows. Sorry. (I can’t hardly wait for the next new stupid episode and I don’t think it will be until next week. Grrrrr.)

Yeah I like Grey’s too although I’ve been more into Private Practice (extreme campiness warning!) Grey’s is almost getting too tame. It’s like they’ve shocked us into everything & now I find myself watching just because I miss the way the characters used to be.

I can’t help it. I LOVE tv!!

Please tell me that you are kidding. I just got caught up on all the episodes of Vampire Diaries and am 1 behind on Trauma. Dollhouse CAN NOT be cancelled. I won’t hear of it! I want to know what happened to “V” is that gone as well? I mean this is the final season of Lost. I have to pick up more faves. At least Castle & Fringe are good so far. Tivo is my social life and blogging/twitter:) Have a great day my friend, glad I could vent with ya:)

‘Fraid that Dollhouse IS canceled. Drives me nuts. I love Joss Whedon & everybody wants to cancel him. I guess it’s good though that they knew early enough that they seem to be concluding it. I hate it when the networks just let a show go & nothing ever gets resolved.

I haven’t watched “V”. Not certain about that one. And I agree about tivo. Hubby convinced me we needed one when they first came out & now we have 3! No umbilical cord there! No sirree. Not @ all. *grin*

I really like leverage and looking forward to it’s return. I think the young lady you were talking about is coming back?? Hope so! I also like White Collar. That is a fun new show, Oh and I think it’s called Royal Pain, it’s really cute and is coming back on TNT (I think). Oh and Closuer on TNT, It’s really fun too. Found some really fun shows.

Love ya,

I haven’t tried White Collar or Royal Pain; no room on my tivo! I guess since so many of the shows I like are being canceled I’ll have to branch out. Darn!

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