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Cany you say Hallelujah?

Posted on: January 4, 2010

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Now usually that is said or mentioned in song but today I’m singing it from the top of my lungs!  HALLELUJAH!  Now, it’s not because I don’t love my children.  I actually love them very much.  Hard not to when you’ve worked every day of their lives to help them in some way.  They are my joy & delight.  They are also my life’s torment.  If you don’t have kids try to think back to your childhood w/ your siblings (if no siblings I do feel sorry for you – siblings are great for deflecting any kind of trouble headed your way – just ask my sibs!) & if you do have kids but they’re not @ this delightful stage yet, well, don’t worry.  You’ll be there sooner than you think!

So back to my Hallelujah!  It’s Monday.  It’s the first Monday of school in the new year.  Nuff said.


7 Responses to "Cany you say Hallelujah?"

HOORAY for you!! I’m sure you’re psyched! I’m jealous. Mine isn’t in school yet. 😉

Yeah, I remember those days & man, am I glad that they are behind me!!! (not to come again either!!!)

And, hey! Welcome to my blog!

I couldn’t agree more! I saw some chatter on Facebook, where some friends said how much they were going to miss their kids after vacation, and I really couldn’t believe that EVERYONE wasn’t counting the days like I was. Made me feel bad at first, but then quickly turned to joy and happy tears!

I realize that some moms say things like this but honestly? I think they are Lying! Yes, I really did write that. It is natural for us to like having some sanity in our lives. Really!

The only thing wrong with “these” days when the kids head back to school, all too soon they are heading out of your home for jobs, college, marriage. If you are like my kids, they have all managed to move away from “home”. I’m not saying I want them to live with us forever, or that I want them at our house every Sunday or weekend for meals. I’m just saying it would be nice to have them around for holidays, like the fourth of July or even Christmas.

We have grandchildren now and I feel like I hardly know some of them. We have five children, four of whom have married. The oldest lives in St. Paul, lucky to see her once a year. The second lives out on the desert in AZ, got to see them on Thanksgiving but that is so rare. The third lives with her family in St. George, and we don’t get to see them a great deal. She just broke her wrist. Wish I could be there too. The fourth lives in Hyrum and that is nice but still hardly ever see them. But they are close enough to enjoy for a small effort. The fifth lives with us for a time, they are hoping to be into their own home sooner rather than later. But before I feel too sorry for myself, I am blessed – but time goes so fast. Enjoy, they grow up waaaay too soon.

Love ya,

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