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Very much surprise Christmas present

Posted on: December 27, 2009

For anyone who read my old blog you might remember this little guy.  His name is Cooper & he is my nephew.  He’s my youngest nephew & no, he’s not that little & rolly polly anymore.  In fact he’s a great, big, grown up 19 month old.  He’s adorable (like all of my nieces & nephews) but he is the youngest.  Actually he won’t be for much longer.  According to the t-shirt that he was wearing on Christmas, he’s going to be a BIG brother!  My sister is due on the 17th of Aug.  Right now the morning sickness (ie, 24 hr sickness) is getting to her but they’re all super excited!  Just ask her 8 yr old niece on her husband’s side who got dumped off Grandma’s lap cause she was so excited that she (grandma) jumped up & screamed!  (I personally think that was the best reaction ever especially since the little girl didn’t get hurt!)  For anyone who doesn’t know, my sis & bil have struggled w/ infertility since they got married which makes this doubly exciting.


9 Responses to "Very much surprise Christmas present"

That is so exciting, Susan!

Any baby that comes into our family is welcome with a capitol “W” but this baby is especially exciting. Her big brother was adopted and we all love him so much. He fits right into our family like a little glove. Now through a miracle a new little person is coming and again we are thrilled. Big Brother is already learning how he is going to help mommy take care of the baby. He minds really well so that should be a great help to his parents. Oh yes, we are excited as Grandma and Grandpa. We’ve had parents and Big Brother living with us for about 9 months now and they will probably be here a bit longer. So we’ve gotten especially close to the Big Brother. After Mommy survives the morning/noon/nighttime yuckies I know she will be so happy too. She is already happy but this is just a little downer.

Susan, thanks for sharing I have been dying to tell someone and have been forbidden to tell anyone at the ward so guess I’ll have to wait until I see Dixie!!!

Love ya,

I figured she couldn’t mind too much since well, it’s bloggy land & no one from your ward reads my blog! @ least you get to tell Dixie. When are you guys going out? Guess I should call, eh?

Your nephew is adorable. I am so happy for your sis & her family. I am hoping to have a baby or 2 myself in 2010. Just asking God for a miracle. God Bless you & your family. I’m back online & ready to blog. Look forward to what 2010 brings you:)

Welcome back, Lissa! I’ve missed you.

What exciting news! Definitely a great Christmas present!

Yep, one of the best ever!

Happy New Year. I love your blog…although I do not love mamagrams..hah

Welcome, Daniela! You can make comments about loving my blog anytime!!! *hee,hee* And Happy New Year to you too!

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