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Merry Christmas, Bloggy land

Posted on: December 24, 2009

My dear Princess has written a note to Santa that I’m want to share w/ you.  I’m so grateful for my family & friends & yet this letter helped me to more fully put the Savior’s birth back into this time of year.  (I’ll leave in any errors just as she wrote it.  Oh & there are drawings but since my scanner isn’t working I can’t scan!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I’m going to give you something that’s in a bag.  I hope you like it!


The Princess Diva (not her real name & she did write her full name for Santa so that he would kn ow exactly who the present was from.  That part made me giggle)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I’ll see you in 2010!!!


4 Responses to "Merry Christmas, Bloggy land"

You know I love that letter to Santa. Always told you that your little gal is a keeper and is love is in her whole being. Hold her close for me will you?

Love you all,

Very, very cute. Merry Christmas, Susan!

So what did she leave for Santa? I’m sure whatever it was, he loved it!

I was soooo tired when I wrote that post! It drives me nuts all of the errors but I guess the biggest was in Not telling what she gave Santa (who forgot to take it but we snuck it out of the bag & into Hubby’s office before she could tell!)

So, The Princess gave Santa a soft, plush gray elephant that she won from a machine @ Wal-Mart. She was so proud of that little guy who now has a place of honor along w/ the note @ the bottom of my cedar chest.

Merry Christmas!

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