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December update

Posted on: December 21, 2009

We’re still here!  Or maybe it’s that my family is still here but my brain has left the building as it were.  See I forgot cards to go w/ the gifts for the teachers until about 12:30am last Friday.  So I was up until probably 3:30am working on them.  Oh & school got out early last Friday after the Princess’s holiday show.  Wow!  But I made it.  5 homemade cards that @ 3:30 am actually looked great but I can’t vouch for how they actually looked in the light of day.  I hurried up & wrote on them & sealed them so I wouldn’t be upset later.

But the Christmas program the kids did (grades k – 2) was great.  The Princess was a song leader in that she led all of the 2nd graders in a question song.  Well, her & 2 other children.  They did a great job!  It was great but this also meant that the kids could leave after the program so I collected the Prince as well & they were out of school by 10:30.

Still going frantic to finish off the goodies to send to the neighbors.  I think I’ll have to send some to Hubby’s work too.  For some reason I’ve been doubling the batches & we only give things to4 neighbors!  (that’s all that’s immediately close by).  Anybody want some cookies?  I think I might have some leftovers.

I thought I was done shopping & then the teenagers across the street gave my kids gifts!  I was so surprised & quite honestly a little impressed.  The Princess used to be over there most days playing w/ the girls’s younger cousin until she moved to Ohio.  My daughter would come home quite frequently w/ her hair all done up by one of the girls.  It was very sweet.  But this means I need to get them something because I just don’t want to let their kindness go.  I’m thinking maybe $10 gift cards to Target or something.  That should do, right?

I’ve got to post what my daughter wrote in her letter to Santa but I just don’t have the time.  I’m done w/ the shopping (except for the above) but now I need to sort & wrap.  Plus make cards for the neighbors plus finish the cookies.  I think next year we’re making fruit baskets.


4 Responses to "December update"

That is so nice of your neighbors! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks, Kristina P. You & Matt, too! Merry Christmas, I mean!!!

I know I’d love a $10 Target GC – sounds perfect.

Get busy momma!

It’s in the mail!!! *tee, hee*

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