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Posted on: November 18, 2009

So I called my kid’s dr’s office to ask for a script for pink eye.  Um, hello?  Was an EMT (they know that), been a mom for over 12 yrs now & there’s just some things that you know.  Anyway, the original person I spoke w/ said “sure, no problem”.  Then I get a call back from the dr’s nurse saying that no, the doc has to see the kid but that they don’t have any room until tomorrow.  HELLO?!?!  You can’t just give me a stinking script (call it in for pete’s sake!) for conjunctivitis?!

To say that I am peeved would hardly describe how I’m feeling.  Now I get to take my child to the er because THERE. IS. NO. OTHER. ALTERNATIVE.  Yes, I know I was yelling but seriously.  I am so pissed off that I can’t hardly stand it.  Hello?  It’s conjunctivitis, people.  Not narcotics.   If someone is selling this stuff they have a serious problem.  Ugh!!!!!!!


10 Responses to "#^*%R$*&^))%###!!!!!!!!"

How weird! I know many doctors who will call in a prescription without seeing the patient if it’s a non-dangerous job.

Exactly! But then you would have to know what we’re dealing w/ here. I’m becoming more & more disenchanted w/ life here. Seriously.

It sucks when other people make simple things difficult because some idiot broke the rules or did something stupid.

Amen, sister! The sad thing is that before the pediatrician left this clinic (it’s literally called the rural clinic) I could have called this in & she would have been more than happy to have had a scrip called in. I think it’s time for a new dr!

Why are you stuck going to the emergency room? I mean, I know it sucks to have it, but I thought it was something you could just wait a bit if need be (making sure everyone washes hands, etc. to not spread it). Does the school demand it?

Emergency rooms; ugh. Nothing like bringing your kid to a germ factory where you get to spend hours of time doing nothing. I hope it gets worked out without too much trouble!

You nailed it, Ana. School’s tend to get a little testy about something that other students could get especially right now. Also conjunctivitis is a bacterial infection that can lead to problems w/ the eye & you are given an antibiotic. Typically though you’re tween/teen won’t get it because they don’t wipe their snot into their eyes which is the most common cause of the stupid thing.

Also, we aren’t seen up on post cause it’s a small clinic & they can’t handle the demands of the retiree community here. Totally sucks cause I’ve never had a military doc demand I bring my kids in for this.

Good Morning Sunshine!!! Just keep telling yourself, this too will pass. I know it’s a mess but you’re the one that is going through he– over this and you have to take care of your self. You’re beating a dead horse so to speak. I wish you could be around here, there are tons of drs some good, some not so good, but at least we have some of the good ones..

Love ya,

Hey we can’t wait until you guys get here (although I won’t be here please know my thoughts are with you.)

That stinks!

grrr. That drives me nuts. We all know what pink eye looks like and how contagious it is. Why wouldn’t they start her on the meds and have her seen if they really thought it was necessary? Silly…
I hope you have a great vacation!

Susan, where did you go?

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