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Princess Diva

Posted on: November 12, 2009


*shakes head* Princess Diva.  How could you?  You were my sweet little darling princess who even in the hospital was a little beautiful bundle all dressed in pink (due in large part to a very loving & generous auntie!)  Even from before you could speak you have been loving all things pink & girly.

Dress Up Day 1; Dec 26, 2004

Hanae & Daddy 3

And now this?!!!!  Your new favorite love?  Are you seriously kidding me?

reptile book

What is the world coming to when a princess diva carries this around & spouts all kinds of facts?  What about Barbies & Polly Pocket?  You’ve loved them since you were about three?  I know you still play w/ them but you seem to be so absorbed in the bugs!  You can’t do this to me.  We have a boy cat & a boy dog.  You have a brother & of course a dad.  It was you & me & everything girly.  Seriously.  You can’t do this to me.  I’ll let you hang out w/ this book but don’t leave me alone in the girly zone!  Please?


4 Responses to "Princess Diva"

Now isn’t that just wonderful that you have a daughter that ISN’T afraid of bugs? I know, you want a girly girl but be patient this too will pass. She will go on being a girly girl just as she grows up it will change some. She is way to feminine to change that much. Of course, you have to realize you have aided in this. What with all of your bug pictures and keeping them frozen and all???? What can I say, she takes after her Mom that is afraid of bugs – now!

Love ya,

lmao – hey she can like bugs and be a princess, I’m sure! It’s not too late!

Ick. I would be pretty reluctant to share in this fascination…Maybe you can find her some sort of frilly pink ruffly snake?

Jen, just you wait lol! And LZ? I think she might paint one frilly & pink if she could. Not kidding!!!

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