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Veteran’s Day

Posted on: November 11, 2009

USAF Dad and his kiddos

Thank you to all of the brave men & women who have served in the US military.  Thank you for your service & dedication.  Thank you also to the families of those who have served.  And Hubby?  I thank you too, for your 21 1/2 yrs of honorable service in the USAF.

And lest we forget –

fallen soldier


5 Responses to "Veteran’s Day"

Thank you, that was a lovely reminder of what these kind, hard working individuals have done for us. Putting one’s life on the line each and every day goes beyond just serving, it is giving the most precious gift any of us have to give. Our life in defense of another.

I love this country, our flag and all it stands for. We are the ones that limit ourselves and can’t see the sacrifice of others – when it’s right in front of you.

Thank you, thank you for our freedom. So many would take it away.

As I was writing this I wished I’d had a photo of Uncle Bobby too. And my sil, her hubby, & both of my bil’s on hubby’s side. All of them are vets. Right now it’s especially poignant since so many are still over fighting for our freedoms.

Please tell your hubby that I am grateful. My friend and I were talking today & could not understand why our children went to school today in our district. We felt that it was wrong. Not honoring our veterans? I just don’t get it. Also-I have subscribed to your feed so I won’t “lose” you-Internet use is hit or miss right now. I meant it about “Santa” sleeping in the shed in 2010 if I am not “wired” and ready to go on Christmas day. Bloggy hugs to you. Have a wonderful day:)

Here it is a very big deal since this town was built strictly to accommodate the army families way back when. There was a parade earlier that is still not over. One of the best things about living in a military town is how patriotic people are. I love that aspect!

I’m so glad that you are coming back. Tell Santa that Mrs Grinch will be upset too, if you aren’t “wired” in 2010! And bloggy hugs right back @ ya!

I am remembering today!

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