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Javelinas & other nonesense

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Phew!  That was quite a week.  It was busy & long but pretty fun.  I just heard a huge commotion out of my windows which I’m pretty sure was a javelina. javelinas

I’m wondering if that was what I heard because it wasn’t a howl or bark.  Instead it was kind of a med-high pitched sort of grunt but very loud & several of them.  The pix @ left is obviously not a real animal but instead are statues @ the Tucson Sonoran Desert Museum.  The real things are very aggressive & stinky so it’s wise not to approach them.  I’ve only seen live ones once & that was by accident in a wash along the side of the highway.  Oh & javelinas are not pigs!  Might look like them but they aren’t even closely related.  Not even to a wild boar.  Odd, yes?

A few seconds after the weird grunting noises all of the dogs in the area went nuts.  Not unusual.  We’ve also heard a mt lion (that was kinda freaky) & my down the road neighbors have actually seen one in the wash behind their house.  Yeah, I so want my daughter & her friend outside playing!

Something happened @ church today that is bothering me.  I know that this might sound petty but I really don’t mean it that way.  I was out finishing my makeup in the van, Prince Valiant was doing his before church duties, Hubby was home w/ some sprained muscles (more about that later) & Princess Diva was sitting in a pew saving us a seat.  I was only out in the van long enough to put on mascara (we have to leave for church about 30 min early or there’s no chance of getting a nice soft bench so sometimes I have to finish my makeup in the van!).  Anyway, when I came in there was another family sitting in our pew w/ the princess.  This wasn’t really a problem as there were only 3 of them & 3 of us but in the 2 1/2 yrs that we’ve lived here & gone to this congregation no one has ever sat w/ us before.  My whole thought on this was that the mom was kinda taking advantage of my daughter.  Let me explain this better.

I was @ a movie that was really popular & some tweens were saving a couple of seats.  Lots of people asked if they were saved & the boys always replied yes.  Well this one family came in & sat down & the boys told the dad that the seats were saved.  The dad just shrugged & said oh well.  I was really proud of those boys because one of them went & got the manager who made the people move (something about tickets already having been purchased).  I kinda felt like that woman today was doing the same thing that that other family had done.  I probably wouldn’t have felt like this except when I came in my daughter was over in the corner & like I mentioned before, no one has ever sat w/ us before.  I didn’t say anything (I did smile though) as I literally crawled over her & her kids.  They couldn’t even move a little so that I could sit down!  The really odd thing is that there were other seats available in the center pews.  I know that I need to let this go but it still bothers me.  How would you feel about something like this happening to one of your kids?  I have decided that I will make sure my makeup is on before we leave home or that Hubby is in there w/ the kids.  I forgot to mention that the princess was actually not upset by this.  In fact she was proud of herself for doing something nice which is always good.

I promise that I do have positive things to blog about.  Like taking the princess & her friend to a Halloween craft event in which we made the most darling little treat crafts.  So stinking cute!  Plus, we’ve gone to soccer games, gymnastics, cheerleading things (have I mentioned that the prince is a cheerleader?) & also pick up football in which the prince tried to have his braces taken off the hard way.  Let’s just say that he now sports a pretty fat lip w/ canker sores on the inside & out.  Not the most pleasant thing but thank heavens for minty flavored wax, good lip balm, yogurt & acidophiles pills!

So I will be back although not certain if it will be tomorrow or Tues.  I’ve got to go set up our new gas account since we’re switching companies.  Give me a hundred bucks off & see if I don’t switch!  Plus I got Hubby a car wash the last time I bought gas & he hasn’t used it so guess who’s van gets a little bit of tlc?  Yep, the blue thing won’t have to look so darn dusty & buggy.

I’m off to dream land.  Something about having to get two kids up for school & get myself up & out the door too, has me ready for sleep.  OH & mom?  I will be calling my sibs to see what food we’re each planning on for Thanksgiving.  We’ll get back to you ASAP!


4 Responses to "Javelinas & other nonesense"

I have mixed feelings about the seat saving thing. If it were a couple of seats, I’m OK with that. Or if the people were out in the bathroom or getting concessions, fine. If it were 4-5 seats, and the people weren’t there, I think it’s rude to continually hold seats, especially if it’s a crowded movie to begin with.

I can agree w/ that. I think what bothers me is that if it were an adult then people typically wouldn’t try or would either ask. Like that woman @ church. She wouldn’t even talk to me. That’s what really has me upset. But I think the other boys must have come back w/ snacks not long after because I remember being thrilled for the boys that they were able to accomplish their goal.

Well, this isn’t so much about your issue (as I think I can’t quite relate as my kids aren’t old enough to be that situation), but I find it intriguing (and sometimes a tad annoying) that people in every ward I’ve been in have “their bench” to sit on. In our last ward, if we ever came in early, which didn’t happen nearly as often as it should have, we would find most of the middle benches full of scriptures and other random personal effects with one or two, or sometimes even none, of the owners sitting there. We’d be stuck sitting in the back no matter when we got there because of all these stake outs. And if you did dare to sit in a row that was normally filled with someone else, you risked getting the evil eye or feeling like you somehow disrupted the normal order of things. Maybe we should just start assigning a seats whenever a new family joins a ward, and section off a “visitor” area as well.

Anyway, not trying to get your goat or anything, this is just an issue that has had me scratching my head over ever since I started attending family wards.

Hi Ana. I seriously did not have a problem w/ the woman & her kids sitting w/ us. I did have a problem w/ my daughter sitting over in the corner & the fact that the woman wouldn’t even move to let me in! There was plenty of room for all of us but I do feel that she almost wanted us to move. And yeah, I understand exactly what you’re saying. There are a few of the “old guard” in our ward who have strict assignments (in their minds) but since we have quite a few military it’s not so bad.

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