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Woot! & Oh, NO!

Posted on: November 2, 2009

I’ll do the “woot” first since well, this is my blog!  Last night I realized that we didn’t have any water.  Okay, it was after 2am but still.  I told Hubby & we tried to think what was wrong since we have a 1400 gal holding tank.  It dawned on both of us that we hadn’t heard the well in a few days (the pump is very noisy).  So we tried to sleep thinking it was something best dealt w/ during the day but of course @ 3:43 I was still awake worrying.  So I got up & went & checked.  Turns out the screw had come off the cover & that let the top slip off during our big wind storm last week.  This means that the connections couldn’t meet.  I put the cover back & on voila!  The pump turned on!  Can I hear a woot, woot?

In “oh, NO” news.  The neighbor girl & Princess Diva were swinging on our two rope swings when the ng’s pants became entwined w/ the rope.  This happened once before & @ the time I was a little concerned that I might have to cut her out of her pants since it was so tightly wound up.  This time it wasn’t as bad but guess who was out there in a nightdress trying to unhook the little girl when the bus came?  No guesses?  All right, it was me.  I kept my butt to the bus & didn’t look up as I ran for my house.  Talk about being embarrassed.  I figured I’d post it here since I’ve done the same to my kids, right?  And I’ve totally banned the neighbor girl from the swing in the am!!

So.  Think my kids will be scarred for life since their friends had to see mom in her nightie?  @ least all of the important bits were covered even if I was letting it all hang out.  @ least we don’t have neighbors who are up & about @ that time of the day!


4 Responses to "Woot! & Oh, NO!"

I have to admit that the visual was so amusing. Funny thing is, as I look back I’m sure I have been guilty of doing much the same. But I did laugh WITH you. I’m sure anyone seeing you (except maybe the kids) have seen similar before.

Have a great day, yours got off to a roaring good start!

Love ya,

I have a neighbor who always walks his dog in his boxers! LOL! I’m more like you, I would be so embarrassed if someone saw me in my pjs even if nothing was showing. 🙂

Kailani, I find that so disturbing on ever so many levels! All I keep picturing is this headless man w/ hairy legs, a pot belly & truly ugly boxers. Definitely NOT what I’d want to see in the am! lol

I really wouldn’t worry about it. 🙂 I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. 🙂

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