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Posted on: November 2, 2009

Hmmmm.  Well, I’ve been putting this off for a bit but I have to admit it.  My dr was right.  According to the endocrinologist, my thyroid levels are fine.  He did take pity on me & tell me that it could be my pituitary gland but chances are slim to non.  As in pretty much non-existant.  My pituitary is in the running only because I had a mild concussion in my later teen years.  I haven’t even gone & done the blood work yet because I don’t want it confirmed that I’m just plain nuts.  In a semi okay way, of course!

On the positive side, my mom (btw, thanks again, mom!) suggested that I start taking a B vitamin.  I ended up w/ a complex B & I have to admit that they are helping.  I wasn’t sleeping well (even w/ sleeping pills – yet another thing to thank menopause for!!) so I stopped taking them for two days & my irritability came back w/ a vengeance.  It was pretty ugly although the next day I took the vitamins & I was able to cope again.

In other news we all survived Halloween.  No goblins took us away & in fact we got to see some adorable babies & some pretty creative costumes.  I have to admit to being impressed by anyone who makes a good costume or has a decent idea & follows it through.  I was pretty impressed by the sponge bob costume that a boy made out of a box.  There was also a witch @ Princess Diva’s school parade whose mom made her costume including the hat.  This thing was good enough to have come out of a high end costume shop.  It was amazing.  I have a sister who sewed dinosaur costumes for all three of her children last year too.  I just don’t have that talent although I am pretty good w/ a credit card!  *hee,hee*

Spring is coming back!  We’re going to be in the 80’s again although up north gets to be in the 90’s.  Last years Christmas parade was in the 60’s & the darn thing lasted over 4 1/2 hrs.  We only stayed for 3 1/2 hrs of it.  Pretty incredible!  Maybe I should look into opening up the pool again?  Just kidding.  @ 54F it’s a little cold even for Prince Valiant!

Speaking of Prince Valiant, whose report card last year looked like the alphabet, he is indeed as smart as we thought.  In fact his English teacher wants him in her honors class.  So, no more fooling us!  He better keep up that “A”.  Plus his lit/social studies/home room  (odd combo, I know) teacher told me that he tends to speak above the other kids when they get into group discussions.  As in, he speaks on more of an adult level.  He’s so busted!  I had to add all of this cause we’ve had such a hard time w/ him & grades.  Oh & he got a B- in Spanish!  Since he flunked it the first couple of terms (when they’re younger @ our school they only have 1 term a year however they start in kindergarten w/ Spanish) we’re pretty happy.

Princess Diva is doing her usual perfect report card.  Her teacher loves her & I love that.  It’s always nice when your child’s teachers actually like the child.  Makes it easier for everybody.

Hubby & I are talking about leaving for my parent’s even earlier.  That way we can head up to visit his dad & stepmom & some aunts & cousins before Thanksgiving.  I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it.  Only one of my sib’s will be absent; the rest of us (4 plus hubby’s & kids) will be @ my parent’s for Thanksgiving.  I’m just so excited.  The last time we spent a holiday like this was @ my house two years ago.  Before that it was the wedding of my youngest sister, over 5 (almost 6) years ago.

A couple of things we’re going to do is go here for cheese.  I remember as a child going up to the factory & getting fresh cheese including cheese curds.  Nobody makes cheese curds like Gossner’s.  I’m also planning on getting @ least a couple of bricks (like you see in the deli case @ the grocery store) for grating & freezing.  Plus we’ll have to have some just to eat.  Of course, I have to get swiss & mozzarella while we’re there too.  Oh & long life milk.  That’s the stuff that you can keep in the pantry & then put in the fridge for a few hours before drinking.  Good stuff that.

Then we’re planning on visiting Taffy Town in Salt Lake.  We watched a show on the food channel called unwrapped & they profiled Taffy Town a couple of different times.  Actually 3 of my sister’s are going to try to go w/ us to that one.  We’re all looking forward to that.  Just follow the link here & you’ll see why.  Did you notice how many different flavors of taffy they have?!?!  We’re all salivating just thinking about going there!

Am I getting excited about Thanksgiving?  Why, no, of course not.  Why ever would you think that?  We also get to see my Grandma again.  I only have one living & I love her to death.  She’s a pretty neat lady.  I love to listen to her stories.  When she tells stories of herself as a young person I’m amazed to realize what a hellion she was.  Of course she’d deny it but it still shines through.  The thing is that if you were to meet her you’d never belive it.  She’s this tiny little person who always looks so elegant.

Phew!  If you made it through all of that I’m impressed.  Some of that was dry & dull.  What can I say.  It’s almost midnight & I’m tired.  Thank heaven Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time although I’ve always like the “fall back” aspect of things.  Hmm, think I could persuade the rest of the state to just do that part of it?  Just think.  If we did it we’d eventually go back in time!  Right?  *snort, giggle, gasp*  I’m so funny!  Okay.  I’ll go to bed now.  Night.


6 Responses to "Updates"

I think we might be eating at the Chuckarama for Thanksgiving, again. We’re hoping to go to Vegas, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Didn’t we discuss something similar last year too? I hope that you guys get to go to Vegas but if not, you & Adam are more than welcome to come up to Layton & my family gathering. We only have one toddler, one preschooler & the rest are in k – 12. Just remember that you guys are invited anytime! (I know I’m not the only to make such an offer but…)

Woot Woot!

Hey, thanks, Sharee! The fact that I went out in the middle of the night or even out @ all is something amazing sometimes. We live in the boondocks of Arizona & I am terrified of the bugs. Plus we’ve been having lots of skunks & there could very well have been one outside that night. I was pretty proud of myself for conquering my fear! lol, guess we can all do things even when we’re afraid.

I’ll be by to visit your site but right @ the moment I’m going pretty much non-stop. In fact my laundry is still sitting in hampers to be sorted plus there’s some that’s still in the dryer! Good to be busy though.

Take care & I’ll see ya soon. Susan

Ok, first of all, I can’t believe you got up in the middle of the night and solved the well problem! I’m such a baby. I would have totally made my husband do it! You go, girl!
Second of all, this reminds me of a trick my mom played on us as kids. We had a couple of horses getting ready to have their foals any day. Mom woke us up in the dark, early morning hours and told us it was time! We all ran out to the barn in our pajamas and bathrobes, but there was nothing going on. To get back to the house we had to cross the road, and the neighbor guy was just leaving for work. I was a mortified teenage girl, out in her bedhair and bathrobe and cowboy boots! Mom was waiting at the house with the camera. This may sound like a cruel thing to do, but we have laughed over it for ten years now!
Sorry for rambling on your comments post. It’s a sickness.

Welcome, Ashley & ramble away!

Oh, man do I feel your pain w/ the whole jammie thing! I think being a teen & being a mortified (& bra-less) 42 yr old mom can really feel like the same thing. Oh, well. @ last we can laugh now that it’s over, eh?

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