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Aloha Friday – 30 Oct

Posted on: October 30, 2009


“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.”

So head on over to Kailani @ An Island Life, link up, post your own question & start answering everyone elses.  Trust me when I tell you how much fun it can be!  *grin*

I thought long & hard about this question.  Okay, not really cause it’s Friday & well, that would totally defeat the purpose.  Right.  So.

Did you attend & graduate from the high school in the town you were born in?

Nope, I didn’t.  I was born in one town, my parents lived in another town but moved to a house in a third town when I was a baby.  Then when I was 12 we moved to the other side of town but it was still the same hs.  And Hubby was born on a military post in the south & I have no idea how many times he moved.  My kids won’t attend hs in even the same state for Princess Diva or the same country for Prince Valiant.  How’s that for confusing?  If you got that I’m looking forward to your answers!

Oh & a few weeks ago I asked if we should go to a variety of places for fall break.  The overwhelming answer was the corn patch & second place was the town pool.  Well, we did them both & had a blast!

Aloha & Happy Friday!


28 Responses to "Aloha Friday – 30 Oct"

YOu know, actually, yes! I was born in Provo, and went to and graduated from Provo High. However, we lived in another town and we lived in a lot of other places in between.

Good question…I did actually graduate high school in the town I was born. It’s a small town and we all leave for college but usually come back to raise our own families. One thing that is weird is that my kids are going to the elementary school that I went to. It’s getting weird! 🙂

Nope, I lived in a different town than where I was born, from the age of six on. And my husband didn’t, and my kids won’t, either, since I plan to homeschool them when we live on our boat in four years!

We moved when I was 8, but from there we stayed until I left after high school. So, almost!

That’s what she said!:):):) (i had to say this first to get it out of my system… it’s for the “I thought long and hard” statement.. aaaaa you gotta watch The Office)
Now on to your question… yup i attended the best high school in my city (the city i was born in) and i graduated the same said high school.. i struggled my ass to make it to the top.. and i made it.. with sacrifices of course.. sadly it was my health this time.. but hey .. i say it was worth it:) I know I’m a nerd:P


*my Aloha Friday’s up too:)

I lived in a big city and I just moved between suburbs. Now I live in a small city where it is very common for people to spend their entire lives (sad I know).

Happy Friday!

Yes, I went to the high school in the city I was born in. Still living here today.

No, same state though. My children will not even be graduating from the same state they were born in.

I do not, but I am only about 20 mins from where I grew up.

Definitely not. My dad was only in the navy for 3 years of my life, but he grew up an Army brat and that urge to move every few years never really left him.

Thats an interesting question! No. Although I did graduate from the school in the city that grew up in since the 3rd grade…I just wasn’t born there.

I sure did. My whole school career was in the same town. I can’t say the same thing for my kids.

WOW!! You sound like me. We moved from one has to the house right next door, to the house on the next block and finally to a house in the country. We lived in the same area so I went to the same schools. I received my GED in 1978. Then I left home. After I left home my parents continued to move around the same county. And I moved around to different states.

I’ve lived in the same 10 mile radius my entire life (shoot me now), so yes, I did attend and graduate from school in the town where I was born. And my parents too.

I did, yes. Not a town though, big city of Denver! My mom still lives in the house I grew up in!

Yes, I did. Even though my dad was in the Navy, my parents divorced so I didn’t move. I actually still live in the same general area about 20 minutes from where I grew up. My husband is in the Navy and we’ve been married 8 years and have not moved yet. We’ll see what the future brings ;D

I did not graduate in the town I grew up in. I changed schools my senior year…long story.

I’m glad you went to both places and had a great time!

I went to probably 10 schools while growing up and moving from one foster parent to the next.

Moving so much as a child has given me a nomad spirit. I like to travel and want to leave after settle down a bit.

Nope, the closest hospital to my parents house when I was born was across the river in another state. So I was born in a state I’ve never even lived in.

That is great that you got to do more than one thing.
Both hubby and both graduated from Rockledge HS and were born in different locations – Roy is an Okie from Muskogee and myself Orlando,FL.

no.I graduated but different town!

Confusing! – lol. Well not exactly I lived in the same house all my life, and did graduate from that HS, but that is not the town I was born in, mostly because my town did not have a hospital, so I was born in a surrounding town. Not sure if that’s what you mean.

Started in private school for elementary..
but middle and high school, I went to Public school..

Nope I didn’t.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I live in the Memphis area and several stories are carrying them here and they are so cute-brightly colored and shiny! And it just so happens we are having unusually heavy rainfall!

I live in the same area I have been in since I was a year old. I graduated from the same high school I had started in.


my parents were in army…so no..

have a great weekend..

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